Choosing a place to set up a dairy farm

The relatively isolated area of ​​the settlements is sufficient to set up a small dairy farm. But when you start a large-scale commercial dairy farm business , you have to choose the location without planning. Therefore, in order to set up a dairy farm successfully, the following factors must be considered.

Communication system

Good communication is very important for a dairy farm. Setting up a dairy farm requires setting up a place so you can easily enter a van car. However, it is best to be a bit off the main road.

Selection of land

Land will be available at a relatively small price. The comparatively fertile land has to be chosen by keeping the fertile land. In the future, the size of the farm can be increased and there will be space around it.

Beef house

To set up a dairy farm, the cattle house should be built in such a way that the necessary light is available to the wind. The house is generally good if it is long-east-west. The cattle habitat needs to be planned so that the main structure is fine when the farm is expanded later.

High and dry place

The high and dry areas should be selected so that rain or tidal water cannot enter. If you do not get high ground, you need to fill the land with soil or sand.

Other things to keep in mind

The farm must have an electrical system. The fan can be kept in the light and overheated.

It is best to keep the farm away from the settlements but not too far away. We have to see if the product can be marketed easily.

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You need to check if there is a demand for produce in the area where you want to set up a dairy farm.

Must have easy water supply system. A cow farm requires a lot of water. The water line has to be drawn in that area. Moreover, the animal has to supply pure water.

It is important to choose such a place that the farm will not be harmed by wildlife or unwanted people. It is better to have wetlands, bills, hawks around the farm

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