The importance of duck food on the farm and its rules for making simple dishes

Duck farming is a lucrative business, but depending on how much profit you can make, you are very versatile in managing duck food . We have already learned why doing a duck farm business , what are the advanced breeds of poultry , how to build a duck house . Today, we will know the importance of duck food in a duck farm and how to easily make it right by setting the right standards.

Duck dishes – What do ducks like to eat?

Ducks are always in a hurry to eat food. Ducks should be given mixed foods that do not take long to finish. Instead of concentrated foods, alternative foods can be made by mixing a large amount of green grassy foods such as wheat, husk, rice, rice straw.

Snail is one of the favorite diets of ducks. Pigs and fish are quite fond of poultry. Whether it is grains or mixed foods that allow the poultry to eat, everything should be heated in advance by heating some pods in the water.

Food can never be spilled on the ground because their lips cannot eat flat. Ducks usually suck, so ducks should be soft and thin.

Every day a duck eats about 4 grams of food. If ducks are kept open, the ducks find their food up to 5 percent of their own. It is only when you give a meal.

How to make a duck meal

Like the diet of humans, poultry also has five ingredients. For example, sugar, oils, mineral salts, vitamins and water.

The main source of food is inferior

Amish – Fish powder, snails, oysters.

Sugars – Wheat, rice, rice bran, wheat bran.

Oil – Mustard, oil.

Lobel percentage is 5.6 percent.

Calcium is needed for bone formation and egg mass.

Vitamins – powdered vitamins such as embavit, greens, sugarfake, fish oil.

Formula for making duck food

১. Wheat – 5%

  1. Wheat husk – 3%

৩. Rice of rice – 12%

৪. Sesame oil – 20%

৫. Fish powder – 3%

৬. Oyster powder – 1.25%

৭. Salt – 0.5%

  1. Vitamin – 1.25%

Combine 3 percent of the total.

If you observe duck in the form of dough, you will feed in this formula and if you do duck without condition, it will be necessary to give wheat husk, rice husk, small rice if necessary

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