The cattle are a cattle farming business

Cattle catering is considered a successful business as a profitable business. Many people consider cattle fat as a part-time business . In developed countries, there is a separate breed of cows just for maa meat as it does not have in our country. There is a demand for beef throughout the year, not just PBA sacrifice. Therefore, cattle farming is a lucrative business in terms of supply and demand .

Cows are the best cattle breed for fattening farms

Sourthorn, Sassense, North Devon, Hair Fod, Galloway, Aberdeen, etc. are famous for producing beef. These varieties of cows grow faster, are relatively low in fat, and are higher in meat. After slaughtering, meat is found in 5 to 5 percent of body weight.

Since there is no separate breed of meat in our country, it is possible to buy indigenous varieties of cows at the right time, especially if the yantra. You can make 25 to 20 percent of your profit in the cattle cattle business.

That way you have to pick the cows to make the fat fresh

  • Soak the skin
  • The ribs should be thick.
  • The back should be flat and flat.
  • The chest should be wide.
  • The shoulder is very thick and smooth.
  • The two sides of the waist should be wide and thick.
  • The cow needs to be healthy and strong from the physical side.

How to Raise a Cow for Cattle Cattle Farm Business

The steps for doing a rough farm are simple and briefly discussed.

১. At the right time, you should buy bulls of the right breed and age.

  1. Clean lighting should create an airy dwelling.

৩. At the right time to be wormed with worms.

৪. A balanced diet based on the weight of the cow should be given properly.

৫. A small amount of urea can be used in food.

৬. Adequate fresh water should be provided.

৭ .. Timely infectious diseases should be vaccinated.

৮. The house should always be kept clean and free of living.

৯. Measures should be taken to remove mosquito flies and italics.

১০. Bathing should be done every 3 days.

১১. Cannot be used for any purpose.

  1. Excessive motion can not be allowed.

১৩. Outsiders cannot be allowed to approach the herd.

১৪. Must appoint skilled staff.

১৫. You have to keep an accurate account of how much money is being spent every month.

১৬. How many days to buy a new cow will need to be fixed according to the plan.

  1. We have to calculate the income and expenditure properly
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