Choose and install a stairlift in your home

The stairlift is a tool that allows people with reduced mobility to overcome one or more flights of stairs. On the market there are essentially two types: suitable for the elderly, equipped with a comfortable armchair, or perfect for the disabled, thanks to a platform that allows you to move an entire wheelchair without making it inconvenient to those who are using it.

In both cases, the models available are various, the choice depends on a series of variables, related to the home where the installation is to be carried out, but also to the person who will use this device. To make a careful choice, you can inquire about the stairlifts offered by Centaurus Rete Italia, a large multi-brand group, with affiliated companies throughout Italy, which offers the maximum variety of products available on the market today.


The stairlift models are various and very different from each other ; in a broad sense any stairlift is called a stairlift capable of allowing a person with reduced mobility to overcome a difference in height by moving along one or more flights of stairs. Even if there are completely autonomous models, in their own right and that can be stored after use, called mobile stairlifts, their use is generally limited to particular cases, and in general the stairlifts that have had more success over time instead, they are the fixed ones, which are installed along the staircase with a fixed guide, usually two-pipe or one-pipe. As we have said, there are essentially two types. Those with armchairs are made up of a small armchairsecured to a metal track, which runs along the staircase. During use, you sit on the chair and activate the motor that lifts it along the stairs. The platform stairlifts instead have a large platform, wide enough to accommodate a person seated in a wheelchair; also in this case an engine makes the platform go up or down along the wall of the staircase, up to the upper or lower floor.


The differences between the various stairlift models available today do not end with the presence of a platform or an armchair. In fact, stairlifts are available that allow you to follow spiral staircases, others that can also be installed in very compact stairwells or perfect for outdoor use, therefore resistant to bad weather. As the model, the type of installation and the number of floors to be overcome vary, the costs necessary to have this type of aid at home also vary. Before deciding which model to buy, it is important to request a quote from the company contacted, which will be drawn up only after an inspection. Only by seeing the conditions and the dimensions of the stairwell can it be possible to evaluate the cost of the installation and the most suitable type of stairlift for the specific case.


It is not possible to answer this type of question , also because it is not always possible to install both types of stairlift. The armchair models are in fact usually compact enough to be used even in a very small room, with a decidedly narrow space available. Those with a platform instead need more space, both for the platform itself and for any maneuvers on landings. Also depending on the uncomfortable conditionsspecifications of the subject who will use this aid, the most suitable model also varies. For example, chair stairlifts are recommended especially in the case of people with reduced mobility, such as the elderly; Platform stairlifts, on the other hand, are usually a solution adopted in the presence of a disabled person in a wheelchair


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