Guide to buying high efficiency industrial computers

There are hundreds of PDAs, smartphones, laptops and computers to choose from for their work characterized by elegant profiles and ultra-compact designs, but the real problem is understanding which is the right equipment to use in your company to have working efficiency in all kinds of environment, even the most demanding one. Before a possible purchase it is necessary to make an accurate market research and choose only trusted companies that market guaranteed and high quality products, such as specialized in the construction of indestructible industrial computers (in jargon known as “rugged “).

First you need to know the real differences between these “rugged” devices and the normal electronic gadgets that we use every day for our internet searches and for online shopping.
Compared to traditional consumer systems, industrial computers are designed for users in the ” professional ” sector who find themselves operating in fairly critical and high-risk situations every day . These are “hard” and massive tools, suitable to help these operators in their work thanks to particular technical peculiarities much more accentuated than the other consumer models. Manufacturing companies such as Sesitek are used to guarantee these products for at least five years and, in some cases, even natural life during with assistance ready to replace and solve any type of problem.


Industrial computers and all that range of ” rugged ” electronic devices generally have a higher price than normal ones. In an industrial sector with a large amount of work, the price is usually one of those “voices” that goes into the background, considering that the breakdown of a palmtop or an industrial computer can cause a stop in the production chain with a loss of earnings. and a waste of time for the company. In any case, if the price is really expensive, it will be possible to agree with the manufacturer also a leasing formula that makes the range of ad-hoc products accessible with a fixed monthly cost and without surcharge for the customer. A formula that also has another positive side: at the end of the lease there is no need to worry about the disposal of the hardware or the obsolescence of the products.


The ‘ efficiency and security are two key issues in today’s business and equipment intended for the business unit should be up to every expectation. And that’s why Sesitek is increasingly attentive to the design of palmtops, tablets and industrial computers with operating systems among the most popular on the market and equipped with TPM technologies and biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint reader or cameras capable of performing facial recognition . But more than anything else, rugged devices must ensure maximum levels of protection and reduce the margin of failure and breakage as much as possible in any working context.

Relying on the expert hands of Sesitek means having no more technical worries or problems with your equipment and enjoying among the most qualified assistance services in the sector.


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