Useful tips for cleaning photovoltaic panels

The installation of photovoltaic panels on your homes is a constantly growing phenomenon that allows, not only advantages in terms of reduced costs in the bill, but above all a greater respect for the environment. It is clear that these energy recovery systems, like all machines and technological systems, need special care for correct operation and for greater yield and efficiency over time.


This explains why it is good practice to clean the photovoltaic panels at scheduled time intervals. For this type of task, there are specialized companies that carry out a thorough cleaning job for any type of photovoltaic panels, such as which, thanks to its experience and professionalism in this sector, promises excellent results in times very short. Through adequate and innovative equipment, Italiana Servizi is able to offer a service at the highest levels, both for photovoltaic systems positioned at different heights and for those installed on the ground, without causing any type of damage.


Unfortunately, being installed externally for obvious reasons, the photovoltaic systems are constantly in contact with smoke, smog, dust and adverse climatic conditions, such as rain, frost and snow. All these phenomena generate the constant formation of dirt which, if not swept away in good time, can compromise up to 25% of the energy efficiency of photovoltaic panels.

The layer of dust and dirt on the panels hinders the absorption of sunlight, damaging them. Even the halos and the various stains caused by poor cleaning of the photovoltaic panels does not allow regular absorption. The situation becomes more complicated in the presence of scale, accumulation of foliage and deposit of debris that are difficult to remove. In this case, you must pay close attention and use specific photovoltaic panel cleaning kits if you do not want to permanently damage the glass.

Therefore, planning during the year, a series of maintenance and cleaning interventions for the photovoltaic system will benefit not only your well-being but also a greater longevity of your system.


In addition to regular periodic maintenance, another important aspect to consider is the choice of products for effective, perfect and constant cleaning over time. The Italian company Servizi uses cleaning kits for ecological and environmentally friendly photovoltaic panels. For the most demanding customers, specific kits are available consisting of brushes equipped with bumpers so as not to inadvertently damage the systems, microfibre cloths and expandable handle to reach even the highest areas. The water used is demineralized water with the use of very delicate detergent products to avoid the onset of stains and halos.

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