How to choose the hydraulic log splitter

The hydraulic log splitter allows you to cut small logs and whole logs of wood into several parts so that you can use the smaller pieces such as firewood for fireplaces, boilers and heating systems in general.

The 10t hydraulic log splitter kit is composed of a hydraulic system that guarantees precision, reliability and maximum safety.

There are several types of machinery.

The two main models are:

  • horizontal hydraulic log splitter
  • vertical hydraulic log splitter.

Although several variants are available on the market, the operation is quite simple: the machinery exerts pressure on the trunk which will press on the wedge which will split the trunk into several parts. There are different types of wedges characterized by different shapes that determine the number of pieces in which the main block will be split. The base on which the log is placed is called piece holder.


The hydraulic components of the 10 ton hydraulic log splitter is composed of:

  • tank
  • hydraulic piston for log splitter
  • hydraulic pump
  • oil filter
  • oil pump
  • control system with which the operator can operate the machine

The hydraulic components are mounted on the frame which constitutes the load-bearing structure of the hydraulic log splitter. The 10-ton hydraulic log splitter is often used with other machinery to perform complex operations, it is very common to use it with saws.

The 10 ton hydraulic log splitter kit is an excellent solution for those who want to save money and want to have a precision tool without having to settle for the standard measures proposed by the market. The assembly is very simple, no special knowledge or manual skill out of the norm is required: once you receive the pack of the pre-assembled hydraulic log splitter kit you will find all the parts with the assembly explanations.

For those who need to transport the log splitter, depending on the model and the frame, it is possible to apply two wheels to the lighter and more manageable ones to guarantee maximum versatility and ease of use. As for the safety of the kit, during use you will only have to abide by common rules of common sense and maintenance of the machinery. It is advisable that the environment where the hydraulic log splitter operates is always clean and tidy. The machinery must be used exclusively for splitting wood, any other material could leave residues or ruin the components.

When the operator maneuvers the log splitter it is highly recommended that he be alone in the room or within a few meters. The presence of animals in the vicinity of the machinery is highly inadvisable, as they may have unpredictable behaviors. With the vertical and horizontal hydraulic log splitters, the size of the logs that can be split is always indicated, therefore it is strongly discouraged to ask the machine to split logs of greater capacity. When positioning the piece of wood, particular attention must be paid to placing the log on the piece rest before operating the hydraulic piston for wood splitter. By using different wedges, the trunks can be split into more or less parts which in turn can be inserted into the 10-ton log splitter.

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