Industrial tablets: characteristics and differences with normal traditional tablets

Tablets are increasingly influencing the lives of people who can no longer do without using them, even for the simplest things. Any research for educational purposes, news from the world or to book a simple air ticket is done through the use of this precious electronic tool.

In the world of tablets we can make a distinction between classic tablets, that is, those used by ordinary people for the most disparate purposes, and industrial tablets, used in the military and corporate fields, which are the same as traditional ones but with some more features.


The differences between a classic and an industrial device concern few but important aspects. Among these, we include: resistance , functionality , customization , price .

Resistance is probably the most important factor that distinguishes an industrial tablet from a commercial one. Certainly a tablet used in the company will be more subject to wear and above all exposed to numerous perches of various kinds which could compromise the performance of the device, such as debris, dirt, dust, water, humidity and temperature drops.

It is important to take all these factors into consideration when choosing an industrial tablet which, clearly, must be custom designed for companies, with adequate IP65 protection able to withstand impacts and accidental drops from about two meters from earth and an autonomy capable of withstanding at least 8 hours without having to continually recharge it.

An industrial tablet must first of all be functional to the job for which it was designed. Most of the rugged tablets currently available on the market have already been equipped with operating systems and useful applications to meet all the needs of the industrial sector. Quick calculations, safe and reliable communications and high-performance storage are the essential requirements to be considered powerful , robust and ultra-fast tablets , which can also be used in adverse temperatures and extreme environmental conditions.

In the world of industry it is necessary to use equipment that is flexible and customizable . For example, in the automation sector where there are numerous vehicles in motion, custom-designed tablets with a special design are easily detachable from their base, which offer peripherals, standard I / O ports, micro SD, barcode scanners and readers RFID.

Finally, the price of buying a traditional tablet is slightly lower than that of a normal industrial tablet. This is because rugged tablets are designed exclusively for the industrial field, and being larger, more robust, and therefore equipped with greater protections, they are more prone to breakage. Failures are clearly not well regarded by companies as they cause the loss of valuable information and slowdowns in the industrial process. This explains why it is right to always choose ” top class ” products developed and designed by expert companies in the sector, such as which always focuses on quality and precisionof industrial devices. On the official page of the company you can see the long list of tablets, PCs, PDAs, smartphones, barcode readers and customizable devices, divided into categories, each with its own detailed description to facilitate the purchase for customers. RUGGtek is one of the few Italian companies able to offer OEM and ODM solutions, assistance as long as the life of the products and continuous support regarding the implementation and development of application.


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