Best apps for home design, home decor and 3D interiors

If you are about to buy a house or to carry out a renovation of your current home, it is certainly convenient to be able to carry out a small initial project. To do this, there are some applications for smartphones and tablets that allow you to create the home of your dreams directly from your mobile device.

In this new guide today we have decided, therefore, to list the  best apps to furnish and design your home or interior  in a few simple steps.

Content index

  1. EasyHome HomeStyler
  2. 3D Home Design
  3. Planner5D
  4. Roommstyler
  5. IKEA Home Planner
  6. Other Apps and Websites for Home Design

EasyHome HomeStyler

Available both as a web application and as an app for iPad and Android tablets , EasyHome HomeStyler  allows you to design apartments with a 3D view. Thanks to the selection of structural elements, it is possible to modify and model the floor plan of the house as desired. Once the changes are complete, the project can be saved as a DWG file and can also be shared with other people.

Thanks to an extensive catalog, this allows you to insert specific design plans and layouts. In addition, it is possible to use building elements such as doors, windows, stairs, frames and much more.

3D Home Design

A great application for designing your dream home is Home Design 3D . Available for both Android and iOS , the latter allows you to design a home from scratch through simple and quick steps. In addition to creating the floor plan of the house, the furniture and the floor can also be inserted. To offer a clearer view of the project, Home Design 3D, as the name suggests, allows a 3D view of the plant. Available for free from the various stores, in order to take advantage of all the features of this application you will have to purchase the full version for € 7.99 .


Another great service is the one offered by Planner5D . This, available both as a website and as an app for Android or iOS , allows you to design a house using simple steps. Within the application it will be possible to create complete projects of rooms, fixtures and furniture, also being able to insert some IKEA models. Although basic is free, to take full advantage of all the features and functions of this app you will have to make in-app purchases.


Roomstyler is a tool for designing and furnishing the various rooms. Through the latter, floor plans can be created in a few simple steps. In addition to creating an apartment, it will be possible to furnish your apartment and insert the various floors, carpets and wallpapers.

IKEA Home Planner

If you intend to furnish your home with IKEA furniture, then IKEA Home Planner is the tool for you. In fact, through the website of the Swedish giant, you can design furniture to use for your home. Once registered on the site, you can choose the IKEA furniture to use, sorted according to the room: kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, etc. Once the design is complete, you can print the project or save it and take it to the store.

Other Apps and Websites for Home Design

In addition to the services mentioned above, there are also other tools that allow you to design and furnish your home. Among these are:

  • Sketchup
  • MagicPlan ( Android / iOS )
  • DreamPlan Home Design
  • Roomsketcher
  • Roomle 3D ( iOS )
  • PlanningWiz
  • Sweet Home 3D
  • SituHome
  • FloorPlanner


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