Cherry Heering

Cherry Heering. It is a sweet, full-bodied liquor that is ruby ​​red in color and has been produced in Denmark since 1818 to an original secret recipe, passed down through five generations. It is made from Danish cherries, spirit and spices and without artificial flavors or colors. Rich and round finish, comes from its maturation in barrels for a minimum of five years. It has a deep bittersweet quality.


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Cherry liqueur el, supplier of HM Queen Elizabeth II and to the Royal Court of Denmark, has been produced since 1818 and is the original Cherry Brandy . Sold in over 100 countries around the world, it is the essential ingredient in the world famous Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand cocktails.
Why is Heering CHERRY one of the most classic ingredients of all time? This lineage of cocktail history is the backbone of the cherry. It features the hallmarks of nobility and style behind the name, created by Peter F. Heering and blended into cocktails associated with the entire British Empire and many other Royal Courts of all of Europe .
It is more relevant than ever, being an indispensable component of brand trends and classic cocktails.
Enter the famous Singapore Sling – contributing to the legendary Singapore Sling, Cherry Heering is set as an accessory that adds prodigality, flamboyance and civilization to the cocktail mix. He acknowledges a dose of heartfelt thanks to those who have helped make liquor a legendary part of history including the British East India Company, a fine lineage of the Russian Tsars, Sir Humphrey, Duke of Marlborough, Kings Gustav IV Adolf and Gustav V of Sweden, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Empire of Japan , the Kingdom of Greece and each Royal for the last two hundred years, but very cordially to the kings and queens of England .
• A special variety of cherry is used-the small, dark Stevens cherry that has been evolved from an old variety are still found increasingly wild in parts of Denmark.
• In order to make Heering Cherry liqueur, Stevens cherries are pressed together with stones to create a unique cherry flavor.


It is made from natural ingredients. The fresh cherries are crushed and mixed with alcohol, sugar and spices and with a maturation of 3 years.
The cherries that are used are carefully pressed to open the pulp and allow the spirit to penetrate. The cherry dough is then picked up in wooden vats, where the natural spirit is added, along with a fine selection of spice mix. A century ago gold medals provided a stamp of approval that Cherry Heering liquor possessed its own style, the class and breeding to socialize with Russian Tsars and English Dukes. Today’s seal of approval comes from the US cocktail shaker. Upstairs in the high-end top bar and lounges that are creating cocktails with the latest cocktail accessory.
• Pressed cherries (including the pressed juice of the fruits) are pumped into oak vats where alcohol is added.
• In order to ensure that the rich cherry flavor is maximized, the mixture has to rest and circulate for several months. 3-5 years later, the product will be bottled. Some say this is what the extravagance of the cherry adds.

Heering cherry liqueur

Manufacturer information

Peter F. Heering. Danish manufacturer of cherry liqueurs most famous for Liquor Heering, a cherry-flavored liqueur often referred to simply as Peter Heering or Cherry Heeringen cocktail recipes. Heering Cherry Liquor, supplier to the Royal Court of Denmark and to HM Queen Elizabeth II, has been produced since 1818. Sold in over 100 countries. Heering Cherry Liqueur is an ingredient in many cocktails such as Singapore Sling, and Blood & Sand.
Cherry Heering is used in cooking that evaporates a part of the alcohol.
It has always been in fashion – a 200-year history as one of the world’s leading brands (EVER) – Purveyor to every royal cut worthy of its name. A fashion accessory since 1818 and a part of iconic cocktails like Singapore Sling and Blood and Sand. Peter F Heering is present today in more than 100 markets.
The world famous, iconic cocktail like the Singapore Sling is one of Cherry Heering’s primary unique outlets – The Singapore Sling should be on the drink list at any decent bar. It has had the honor of being a unique supplier to each royal court worthy of its name while possessing its own style, class and culture of socializing through the courts of the world. It has always been in fashion. It’s a small but indispensable component of iconic cocktails like The Singapore Sling, and that’s exactly how it likes to be seen; As an accessory that adds lavishness, flamboyance and civilization to the mix.
It continues to evolve and recognize that even the old classics need a refreshing remake every now and then, therefore Heering ® has challenged the best of the best in the world jail to create his own interpretation of the Singapore slingshot and possibly also to write your name in the history of cocktails.

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