Chicha de jora

The chicha de jora. It is a nutritious and tasty drink, inherited from the Inca culture which was considered sacred, a traditional drink consumed in the middle and popular sectors, used as an ingredient to season various recipes from northern and central Peru.


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  • 1 History
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  • 3 Types of Chicha
  • 4 medicinal properties
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The legend attributes the chance discovery of chicha de jora, to the Inca Tupac Yupanqui, when the rains had deteriorated the silos, fermenting the moistened corn grains.

To avoid discarding the corn, the Inca ordered the distribution of the fermented malt to take advantage of it in the form of a mote (corn cooked in water), but, given the unknown organoleptic characteristics, it was decided to discard it. It is claimed that a hungry indigenous man rummaged through the garbage and consumed the substance, leaving him drunk. At that time the alcoholic value of fermented corn was discovered in Ancient Peru.


The yellow corn is sown superficially in humid soil and, when it begins to sprout, it is collected by placing it in the sun for a few hours, then it is milled obtaining the Jora. The jora is put to cook in a bowl with the water , cloves and the other grains; it cannot be stopped moving because it is very easy to burn, it is allowed to boil for 8 hours, adding water every time it is consumed, after this it is strained with a rough cloth such as linen, it is allowed to cool and it is poured into a pot clay with chancaca; Cover and leave to ferment for eight days.

It moves once a day. When removing it, it is tested and if it lacks sweetness and is very thick, it is increased by water and blond sugar to the desired temper.

The liquid is sifted in large baskets of reed “reeds” with “ichu” or wild straw, and fermented for three days in “rakis” or ceramic vessels ; at the end of the process this drink must have more or less 3% alcoholic content.

Types of Chicha

There are a great variety of Chicha in Peru which are:

  • Purple corn
  • White corn
  • Peanut
  • Jora
  • Arequipeña
  • Jora with cow’s foot
  • Quinoa chicha
  • Loretana

Medicinal properties

Chicha jug.

  • Losing weight:For which it is usually the quintessential ingredient that is included in products that promise the ideal weight.
  • Kidney and Gallstones:Drinking the water where the corn has been boiledprevents the formation of stones.
  • Diabetes :Its “beards” or “hair” have really effective diuretic virtues and a very safe action, being recommended for diabetics.
  • Fatigue:Moderate consumption has medicinal vitamins against fatigue.
  • Heart :Its moderate consumption has medicinal properties againstheart disease , as well as being nutritious and energizing.
  • Flu :Moderate consumption has medicinal vitamins against the flu.
  • Hypertension:Helps to eliminate liquids and decrease]] high blood pressure.
  • Highblood pressure : A moderate consumption eliminates body fluids, contributes to lowering high blood pressure.
  • Prostate :Their consumption contains enzymes and zinc , this substance prevents them from suffering from the prostate.
  • Kidneys :It is one of the most important natural resources to increase urine output or fluid elimination from the body, it stimulates the kidneys, increasing the need to urinate, which is very important in a set of bodily abnormalities.
  • Bladder:Increasing urination can help flush out the microorganisms that cause inflammation in the bladder .

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