The barley . Carbonated drink, typical and traditional from the city of León , Guanajuato , Mexico . Considered a very refreshing drink with digestive properties, because it does not contain alcohol . Its name (barbadine) is due to the fact that this plant was previously added to it, only that due to fermentation, it acquired a certain gradation.


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  • 1 History
  • 2 Preparation method
  • 3 Ingredients
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Rosita Soria Vargas, an 83-year-old woman, heir to the original recipe, tells the story of barley along with that of her family and the work they go through being poor and looking for a way to earn a living. Looking for where to live and moving from one place to another first because of a fire later because at the time the president of that time, Dr. Arturo Apan retired informal commerce, which was another reason to move from place.
The formula of this refreshing drink was simply sold to its mother and since then they have followed the tradition to the point that it is a drink that is about 100 years old and that it has found favor in its consumers in addition to its digestive properties and the refreshing , because some also talk about this that it is curative and also doctors do not rule it out. This family already has its third generation and the beginning of the fourth serving this drink, owners of the Amelita store on Avenida Juárez with more than 80 years of tradition

Preparation mode

It is made from pineapple vinegar , to which is added a cooking of tamarind and jamaica . Let it rest and store in an oak barrel . It is served with a teaspoon of calcium carbonate (for each glass), which replaced the barley that was formerly added to it. It is recommended to take the barley quickly as adding the teaspoon of baking soda, the liquid fizzes and it is possible to spill.


  • Barley yeast
  • Vinegar from pineapple
  • Tamarind
  • Jamaica
  • Sugar
  • Calcium carbonate


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