Cheats for ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ (Switch)

Secret tricks and options

  • Plant money:When you see a bright flash in the ground, dig it up and you will get 1,000 berries. However, if you re-plant the bag in the same place, after 3 days a tree will grow from which 3 bags of 1,000 berries each will fall. If you bury 10,000 berries instead, it will turn into 30,000. Bury the money to multiply its value!
  • Get more recipes:If you need more recipes to create new objects, there are several ways. First, look for the bottle with a message on the beach, there is a new one every day and it contains a recipe. Second, visit your neighbors at home, if they are creating something, they will share the recipe with you. Third, break the balloons with the slingshot, many of them also contain recipes.
  • Explode the rocks to the maximum:Each rock is capable of giving up to 8 resources, one in each side hole of the rock. To do this, you must first clean the surroundings of the rock of branches or herbs. Then you have to hit the rock eight times quickly. As your character comes out slightly backward each time you hit the rock, try digging two holes and stand between them, so you will not be expelled and you will be able to extract more resources. Finally, if a rock appears in an uncomfortable place, eat some fruit and break it with the ax. It will reappear in a different place the next day.
  • Make a wish:If you see a shooting star in the sky at night, press A quickly to make a wish without any tools in hand. The fragments will appear the next day on the beach.
  • Speed ​​Up:If you want to go faster in the game, press A repeatedly while creating something to speed up the process. On the island, press B to go faster or speed up your text messages.
  • Tarantula Island:If you travel from 7 pm with a Nook miles ticket you can end up on Tarantula Island, where you can capture dozens of them and then resell them at a more than interesting price.
  • Fruits:Eating a fruit has its effects. Specifically, it will give you strength to break a rock with the shovel or to be able to pick up a whole tree and plant it elsewhere. Be careful because once you eat the fruit there is no option to “give up” this power until the next day or going through the bathroom if you have one at home.
  • Fishing the first time:Can’t you catch many times that you cast the rod “Close your eyes and listen. The moment to pick up the rod is when you hear the fish bite the bait.

Actions that you should take daily

  • Talk to all the inhabitants: theywill give you rewards in the form of miles and you will be able to give them gifts that they will return to you in spades.
  • Access the ATMto earn daily miles simply by connecting.
  • Shake the trees –honeycomb is sold expensive in the store.
  • Collect all mineralsfrom the rock
  • Find the golden pointto plant a tree with money a day
  • Dig up all the daily fossils
  • Check the offers of the dayin the stores
  • Look for visitors on the Island. To Gulliver, for example, you will have to talk to him several times until he listens to you


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