How to play with friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, friends are completely optional. But to whom, then, to show your island and why settle it, if not to conduct excursions for acquaintances? In addition, friends are needed for those who like collecting – without them it will not be possible to collect all possible items.

When can I invite friends?

The opportunity to invite a friend will appear a day after the creation of the island, because the airport will be closed on the first day after your arrival. When it starts working, you will not only be able to invite tourists, but you yourself will get the chance to explore the islands of your friends.

How to add a friend

There are two options for making friends in the game:

  1. Have ready-made friends from your list in the Nintendo system.
  2. Add a player by Dodo code.

Best friends versus regular friends – what’s the difference?

Your island can be visited by any of your friends, but only your best friends will be able to use tools that can destroy something (an ax, for example). So best friends are kind of confidants in whom you are confident and who can help you in the arrangement of the island.

To make a friend a best friend, go to the Best Friends app on your Nukophone. This title (and the accompanying powers) can be awarded to any player who has already visited you. The application itself will appear as soon as you open your island to visit (more on that later).

How to play together in local mode

The game allows you to visit the islands of friends who are in the same room with you and are connected to the same network. This does not require a Nintendo Online subscription. However, one more console will be needed.

To get started, all players must go to the airport and talk to the dodo.

What to do the owner of the island

First, the resident of the host island must open the gate for you. In the dialog, select the option “Missing guests” , and then “From next door” and “Okay” . If you choose No Code  Required, the island will be open to all local visitors. If you do not want to make it available to everyone, select the “Give me the code” option . This is a kind of password for those who want to get to you.

What to do for guests

In the conversation, guest players should choose “I want to travel” , then “To the neighbor” and “Okay” . After that, you need to confirm your decision and enter the code (if asked). When all guests have arrived on the island, the gate can be closed using the appropriate dialogue option. You can return to your island if you select “I want to go home” at the airport . In addition, the owner of the island can end the co-op session and immediately send everyone to their islands.

How to invite a friend to the island over the Internet

You must have a Nintendo Online subscription to visit other islands and host offline guests.

First you need to open the gate. To do this, head to the airport and talk to the dodo. In the dialog, select the option “Missing guests” , and then “From the far distance” and “Okay” .

To open the island to all your Nintendo Online friends, select All My Friends . If you want to open your residence only to a select few , choose the option “Through the Dodo Code” . You must give this code to everyone you want to give access to.

When you want to close the gate, select the appropriate option at the airport. You can also use the end-of-session function to drive all guests away.

How to get to another island via the Internet

Go to the airport and talk to the dodo. Select “I want to travel” , then “Long distance” , “Okay” and “Visit friends” . After that, a list will be displayed where you can see which of your friends now wants to receive guests. If you have a code, select “I have a Dodo code” and enter it.

When you want to leave the island, go back to the airport and select “I want to go home” .


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