How to get wheat in Animal Crossing New Horizons

We tell you how you can get wheat to grow and use as an ingredient to cook all kinds of dishes in Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch

Let ‘s see how to get wheat in Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch , the popular virtual life game that continues to cause a sensation among millions of players around the world who want to build their own islands with their friends. And with the arrival of update 2.0 of the Nintendo video game, the possibility of growing different vegetables to obtain ingredients for cooking new dishes to eat or use as decoration has been added. And one of these ingredients with more possibilities is wheat . Therefore, below we will tell you how you can get wheat in Animal Crossing New Horizons and what utilities and applications it has .

How to get wheat to farm in Animal Crossing

Index of contents

·         how to get wheat

·         How to cook and what is wheat used for

how to get wheat

If you want to easily get wheat in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will have to follow the same steps to get pumpkins. Thus, the famous character Gandulio will appear from time to time on our island to sell us various types of flowers, plants and vegetables in the form of seeds.

Well, if you talk to Gandulio, on many occasions you will be able to get wheat among his offers , although this will not always be the case, since on other occasions he can sell us other vegetables such as tomatoes or carrots. That is why whenever he visits you, you should  pay attention to his offer to get as much wheat as possible.

Another way to get wheat comes with the 2.0 update and the possibility of visiting Cayo Fauno , where you will have to go to the back of said area where there is a community square where you can donate up to 100,000 berries per project to the gyroids, to unlock new businesses in that location.

And one of these unlockable businesses is Gandulio ‘s , so if you fund his store with 100,000 berries, you can visit his business to purchase ears of wheat . In this way you will have one more option to get wheat in a more comfortable and direct way.

How to cook and what is wheat used for

When you get ears of wheat you can plant them, water them and, later, harvest them in order to obtain such a valuable ingredient with which to prepare packages of flour on any kitchen surface you have at home or on the island. With the flour you can cook several delicious dishes , such as bread or different cakes, as well as being a key ingredient and highly coveted for other recipes.

Now you know how to get wheat in Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch and what it is for in the game. Prepare the best dishes for your guests!


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