Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide – Tricks, Secrets and Tips

In our official guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch you will learn the best tricks, tips and secrets to have and get everything you want on your island.


Welcome to the most complete guide in Spanish of Animal Crossing: New Horizons ! Here you can find all the details, tricks and secrets to start your new life on a desert island that, following our advice, will gradually become a place full of life, things to do and full of personality: your personality. Take advantage of the new Nintendo game and do not leave anything undone!

The best tips and tricks

It’s time to get fully into the best tips and tricks that will come to you fabulously for your life on the island of this Animal Crossing. In addition to talking about basic and essential things, we also collect some classic aspects in every game in the saga, to make the most of your options .

  • Tips for beginners :if you are new to the series or the title, here you will find help for your first days.
  • How to get berries :all the methods so you can quickly fill your pockets with the main currency of the game.
  • How to get iron nuggets –one of the most useful resources in the game.
  • Gold nuggets :even more valuable than iron nuggets , these are very rare.
  • Advancing the clock :a typical trick of the saga that can come to you in luxury, if you need to travel back in time.
  • Turnipbuying and selling : we detail the whole turnip buying and selling system in depth so that you can take advantage of it intelligently.
  • Build ramps and bridges : you willneed them to interconnect the areas of your island.
  • Get fruits :we reveal the list of all fruits and how to get them.
  • Get bamboo :a very unusual resource, we explain how to get it easily.

Get acorns and pineapples : two natural resources that only come out in the fall season.

  • Nookófono applications :we explain how to unlock all the useful mobile applications.
  • Unlock emotions :so you can express yourself to your neighbors and friends.
  • Balloontrick : we reveal a little trick by which you can force the appearance of many balloons with gifts.
  • Get a diving suit :there are several ways to get one and be able to swim and dive in the sea.
  • Getting pearls :a rare and valuable material.
  • Ordinances :what they are and how to issue these guidelines to change the behavior of neighbors and NPCs.

All the characters and neighbors on your island


In addition to those mentioned so far, on your island you will also receive visits from new characters and neighbors continuously. Some are villagers who will share life with you, others are shopkeepers who stay there permanently, and there are also those who occasionally come to sell you something or make you participate in competitions , among other things. In this part of the guide we explain how to get new villagers!

  • Complete list of neighbors :so that you know the more than 300 characters that exist in the game.
  • Best Neighbors – Weselected the 10 best and most popular neighbors you can get.
  • How to get special characters :a complete list of all characters with special functions in the game.
  • How to unlock Cinnamon :we explain how to make the nice Cinnamon move to live on your island.
  • How to unlock Totakeke :the most reputable songwriter dog can also move to your island, if you want to know how, we explain it here.
  • Help Gulliver :the mythical seagull has a mission for us. It can also appear in its alternative version; Gulliver Pirate .
  • Finding the ghost Buh : heis only on our island at night, we will tell you how to locate him.
  • Trade with Alcatifa –the female camel that sells magical rugs, wallpaper, and floors.
  • Travel to the island of Fauno :this hippie dog owns an island called Cayo Fauno where he has a photographic studio.
  • CJ’s Fishing Tournament –A specialist beaver in the world of fishing who organizes tournaments and challenges.
  • Trading with Kamilo :a chameleon who is passionate about hunting critters who can buy them from you at a higher price than usual.
  • Get visits from Betunio :a stylist skunk who trades in shoes and backpacks.
  • Tili’s fashion challenge :the third of the Handy Sisters proposes a curious challenge with prizes.
  • Gandulio’s Gardening Stall –A nature-loving sloth who sells nursery shrubs and flower seeds.
  • Ladino and his works of art :a fox who sells in his Traveling Ship works of art that we can donate to the museum, although being careful of his fakes.
  • Pascal and his recipes :the otter who loves scallops and has special rewards.
  • Snowflake and snowflakes :how to create it to perfection and its winter recipes.
  • Figaro and El Alpiste cafeteria :we show you where to find it and how to open your store.

DIY, construction and crafting tools

In addition to going to live on a desert island, the main novelty of New Horizons is in crafting , which has been referred to here as DIY. That is, we can get materials from trees, stones, plants, etc., to make furniture, tools and other items once we know the necessary recipes or DIY projects that will make life on the island much easier.

  • Resistant tools :if you don’t want your tools to break often, what you need is to know the most resistant ones.
  • Getting the pole :a most useful tool for crossing rivers.
  • How to get the ladder :if you want to avoid elevation of the terrain, you need one of these.
  • Get the slingshot :a great item to blow up balloons and receive gifts.
  • How to get the shovel :one of the most useful tools in the game, you need to get it yes or yes.
  • Build a Giant Robot –Find out how to decorate your island with this painstaking DIY project.
  • Get the ocarina and the recorder :two instruments with which you can play random music.
  • Gold armor :we show you how to get the recipe for this garment and how to create it.
  • Zodiac Items –Complete the arduous task of collecting 12 special items of the zodiac signs.
  • Get and use traps :one of the funniest items in the series.
  • Pascal’s Mermaid Recipes –A complete mermaid-themed set that we can get from the otter.
  • Christmas recipes :how to get them and make them with decorations.
  • Cooking food, recipes and ingredients –the requirements to unlock the kitchen and much more.

All Bugs, Fish, Fossils and Underwater Creatures

We know that Animal Crossing would not be the same without the local fauna and everything there is to collect and capture. We have, as in every game, a lot of different species of animals. If you don’t want to miss any of them, you need to know where to find them, at what times and times of the year they are available, or for how much price in berries you can sell them. This is the section of our guide that you are looking for.

  • All the Bugs: to hunt with the net. It is especially advisable to take into account tarantulas and scorpions . We also explain how to find some more specific ones such as ants and flies , fleas and onion crickets .
  • All the bugs of the month :if you directly want to know which ones are available at this time of year, here you have them.
  • All Fish: that you can fish in seas, rivers and ponds with your rod, such as the Coelacanth , the white shark and the whale shark , the Taimén , the Oarfish , the Tuna , the snapping turtle and the soft-shell turtle , the golden trout or the transparent head fish . Especially if you help yourself in fishing by creating baits .
  • All the fish of the month :to discover the ones that are currently available, visit this page.
  • All underwater creatures :that live at the bottom of the sea and that we can collect if we dive in search of them.
  • All Fossils: that you can dig up with your shovel, there are a lot of different parts to collect.

All works of art

The New Horizons museum also hosts (thanks to a free update) the emblematic works of art , paintings and sculptures from our real world that, as was the case in previous games, we can get hold of them if we buy them from the Ladino character . Although you have to be very careful not to fall into their traps and end up buying counterfeits. With our help you will know how to differentiate a real work from a fake one without any problem.

All the flowers and how to create combinations

In this installment, the players who most enjoy decorating their gardens in beautiful ways have deep mechanics related to flowers and hybrid flowers that can be achieved when creating combinations, something that has so many details that it well deserves a section of our guide.

  • All types of flowers :discover the main types that exist.
  • How to get all the flowers on your island? :you will have to do several things to obtain them.
  • How to plant hybrid flowers? :There are concrete methods to be successful in this task.
  • All combinations and results :we detail the complete list of hybridizations.
  • Golden roses :you can only get them by combining roses in an order.
  • Shrubs :Gandulio sells them to us and there are up to 6 different types to decorate our gardens.
  • Lilies of the Valley :we tell you how to get them to improve the odds of hybrid flowers.

MiniNook Store

The MiniNook Store is one of the first stores you will establish on your island, run by the friendly twins Tendo and Nendo , nephews of Tom Nook himself. This is also one of the most important stores and to which you will surely be going almost every day (in fact it never closes). Therefore, due to its relevance, we explain everything you need to know to open and improve it.

  • How to Unlock the MiniNook Store :We explain how to set up the store in the early days of play.
  • Upgrade the store to a supermarket :later, as in other games, you can expand the store. We reveal how.

Sisters Handyman Store

To increase the degree of customization , we have a very useful store, the Handy Sisters Store . These two porcupine characters, Pili and Mili , will not be on your island at the beginning, but following very specific methods you will be able to make them move to open their store and thus access a lot of clothes and accessories that will make you be up to date in a matter of fashion.

  • How to get the Handy Sisters tailor shop? :we explain what you have to do to get Pili and Mili to open their store on your island.
  • What can you buy at the Handy Sisters store? :once it is installed you can buy all kinds of clothes and accessories.
  • How to change your appearance :if you are interested in changing the look of your character, the face or the clothes that he wears, we explain here how to do it.
  • Get the royal crown –one of the most expensive and luxurious items of clothing in the entire game.

Special tours and desert islands

In this new Animal Crossing we do not have only our island. We can also visit random special islands to amass their natural resources (don’t worry, nobody lives there), which tend to be much rarer and better than our own. And we can even meet other occasional travelers. We tell you how these special Tours work , which can be done from the Dodo Airlines airfield .

  • Deserted islands :do not stay without knowing all the islands to which you can travel.
  • Trick of increasing probabilities :following these steps you may travel more often to the strangest islands.
  • Golden Island :perhaps the rarest and most valuable of all the islands, we teach you how to visit it.
  • Tarantula Island – Fullof these coveted critters, find out how to travel to it.

How to Modify the Land and Public Works Permits

One of the great novelties that this New Horizons offers , since it takes us to visit a desert island that will be populating from scratch, is the option to modify the terrain , which is known as Terraforming . This means that we can create elevations of land, or “break” those that exist, and even alter the course of rivers or make a lake out of nothing. All that and much more, is something that we discuss in this section of our guide so that you do not miss any detail.

How to personalize furniture and objects

To further increase the degree of customization that this edition of the saga has, we will be able to put our touch on any piece of furniture and object that comes to mind , among the immense amount of them that there are. And is that customizing furniture and objects is the order of the day in New Horizons, and who would not want to put everything to your liking? We learn you how to make it.

QR codes, creation of Designs and collections

As was the case in the Nintendo 3DS game, in New Horizons using QR and Creator Codes you can come up with and share your own designs to stamp on T-shirts, in face paint, on some objects and even on walls and floors (either through the application that offers the game or from other external ones). Imagination is the limit and the gaming community is enormously talented as it has shown countless times. Here we collect the most important things you should know about this section.

  • How to scan QR codes and download designs to the console :if you don’t know how to do it, here is a simple explanation.
  • Create your own designs :we show you a step-by-step tutorial to make it easier for you to create designs, even famous images.
  • Best Custom Designs – Wecollected some of the best designs the community has created and shared for you to get your hands on.

Online multiplayer

The online multiplayer mode is a watchword of the saga, because Animal Crossing would not be the same if our unique and special experience could not be shared with other friends and community players . At New Horizons we have several related options and we want to tell you about them so you can take advantage of them and have a great time.

  • How to invite friends to your island and visit other players’ :we will tell you all about it.
  • Best friends :how you can invite them and what advantages are available.
  • How to send gifts to friends and use the mobile to write :something essential to strengthen our ties with others.
  • Dreams with Alakama :Another alternative way to share and visit islands through the world of dreams totally safe.

All Events

New Horizons is a game that is especially enjoyed by playing a little bit each day and surrounding yourself with the atmosphere of each season of the year . As such, one of the most interesting particularities is the one related to the temporary events that occur in the title, either to celebrate a special occasion, or to celebrate a date. Here we collect all the information you need about the events.

  • Seasons of the year :we detail the effects and dates of each season in the different hemispheres.
  • Egg Hunt :we will tell you about the first temporary event of the game, around Easter.
  • Nature Day :an event with special Nook + Miles activities and other rewards.
  • First of May :we detail the solution of the maze of the First of May island and get its rewards.
  • International Museum Day :we will tell you how to collect all the museum stamps and get the Socrates rewards.
  • Wedding Season :Al and Paca visit Cayo Fauno to celebrate their wedding with exclusive bridal items.
  • Fireworks :on Sundays in August they are held in the island’s square, with unique activities.
  • Halloween :the scariest time of the year with pumpkins, sweets, Soponcio and much more.
  • Toys Day :on December 24 Renato visits us to share gifts from Santa Claus.

Frequent questions

Finally, as usual, we reserve this space for frequently asked questions (FAQ) that can more easily come to mind when you are playing this Animal Crossing. Small doubts about different aspects of the game . Namely:

  • Increase the popularity of the island :if you want to encourage tourism and reach 5 stars, you will have to follow these tips.
  • How to unlock the museum :a building of the most important for your island, we explain how to assemble it completely.
  • Miles Nook :a new Tom Nook coin with a very particular system, we tell you everything you need to know about it.
  • How to expand the inventory :as soon as you play you will notice immediately that you need more spaces to store things, do not worry, follow these steps.
  • Mortgages and house extensions :you wonder how many extensions to your house you can carry out and how much each one is going to cost you. A dough, we already advance it to you …
  • Moving buildings :if you don’t like the location of the buildings, don’t worry, because you can move them to other places on the island.
  • Amiibos :we explain what can be done with compatible Nintendo figures.
  • Meteor Shower and Magic Wand :Pay attention to shooting stars, because maybe you can get a magic wand thanks to them.
  • How to see Northern Lights :a unique winter weather effect that is very rare to observe.
  • Tunes for the Island :You can compose your own songs, but you will need to unlock this option first.
  • Unlock Totakeke songs :we show you the complete list of songs of the songwriter dog.
  • Connect to Pocket Camp :Here’s how to link your Nintendo Mobile Game Account to receive exclusive rewards.
  • Create objects faster :several tips to keep in mind to craft
  • DailyResets : We clarify what time in-game restarts happen and what activities are affected by them.
  • Delete game and reset the island :if you want to start from scratch this is what you have to know.
  • How to kick neighbors :we reveal the methods that exist to get your unwanted neighbors to leave the island.
  • Backup and recover game :follow these steps to keep your game safe and be able to rescue it if you need it.
  • Transfer Islands :Instructions for transferring your island and data to another Nintendo Switch console.
  • Getting Gyroids –We explain how to get gyroid fragments and how to grow them.

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