Can’t Open PDF in WhatsApp: What to do?

I can’t open PDF in WhatsApp “. If you’ve been through this, pay attention to the information in this text. As much as the application allows reading and opening documents in various formats, this type of problem can happen on various types of devices.

And, in case that happens, it’s important to understand what might be happening. So learn more information on the subject below, and see how to open PDF in WhatsApp in a simple and efficient way. See also other options for viewing your documents outside the app.

Table of Contents

  • Why can’t I open PDF in WhatsApp?
  • How to Download and View Your PDF Files from WhatsApp
    • If you have problems with the download
    • Open PDF in WhatsApp after download
    • An alternative to viewing PDF outside the app

Why can’t I open PDF in WhatsApp?

It’s been a few years since the app released an update that lets you view files in a variety of formats. This also includes the PDF, which, in theory, can be read and opened in the app without any problems once you download it. But if that doesn’t happen, it could be for several reasons:

  • Your WhatsApp may be out of date;
  • Your phone may be out of space to download the selected PDF document;
  • Additionally, the application may have experienced an unexpected error;
  • Your mobile device settings do not allow WhatsApp to read them.

Whatever the reason why you can’t open PDF on WhatsApp, there are some techniques and methods that can help you solve this problem. Learn more below.

How to Download and View Your PDF Files from WhatsApp

If you are trying to view your PDF files from the messaging app, you can try some of the procedures below. Check out.

If you have problems with the download

Many people cannot even download the document to try to read it. If this happens to you try the following:

  • Make sure your cell phone is directing downloaded files to a specific location;
  • Close the application, clear the memory cache, open it again and try to download the PDF;
  • See if the cell phone has enough space to download the document;
  • Finally, check your app store to see if an update is available for the app.

Open PDF in WhatsApp after download

If you can download the file but can’t open it, there are a few options to try. So, here are some of the main ones:

  • Make sure you have the necessary Adobe programs to open the document;
  • In addition, also see if your smartphone system is up to date;
  • If possible, you can download the PDF via WhatsApp Web and open it on your computer;
  • Finally, also check if your cell phone’s Adobe Reader is properly updated.

An alternative to viewing PDF outside the app

If after performing all the steps above, you still cannot open PDF in WhatsApp, there is another alternative. This is the PDF Viewer program, which allows you to view this type of document even when downloading from the application. To use it follow these steps:

  • First, open your app store and locate this program;
  • Then download it, open it and grant the appropriate permissions;
  • Now, open WhatsApp again and select the PDF you want to open;
  • Finally, in the “open with” menu that will appear, choose PDF Viewer.

Ready! Now you will be able to open the PDF in WhatsApp in a simple and efficient way. Just put these tips into practice and avoid discomfort and headaches with this problem.


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