I can’t open pdf files on WhatsApp

During the last period many users are having trouble opening PDF files in WhatsApp application. Are you in the same situation too? If yes, then read this article.

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  • 1Can’t Open PDF in WhatsApp – Reasons
    • 1The PDF document is damaged
    • 2The PDF document is encrypted
    • 3File formats are not supported by the Android phone 
    • 4Inadequate Internet Connectivity
    • 5WhatsApp no ​​longer supports your Smartphone 
  • 2I am unable to open PDF in WhatsApp – Solutions
    • 1Method # 1 Check the storage space of the Android device
    • 2Method # 2 Keep your device updated
    • 3Method No. 3. Open the PDF file on your web browser or PDF viewer
  • 3Conclusions

I can’t open PDF in WhatsApp – Reasons

The PDF document is damaged

Damaged PDF documents can not be opened. A damaged PDF file cannot be opened in any application until it is repaired. 

The opening of the pdf file becomes impossible due to an error or a specific code in the file format. Occurs when a file is not downloaded correctly. 

Or when the download is interrupted due to an unexpected event such as a lost internet connection or a fluctuating connection.

The PDF document is encrypted

In case you are faced with encrypted pdf files, before opening them correctly and without any problem you must first decrypt it or enter a password. 

If you ignore it or do not encrypt the password, the window will be blank or will not open or will generate an error that says “Cannot access file”.

File formats are not supported by the Android phone

In some cases, especially if you have an outdated Android phone, the problem may lie in the incompatibility in opening pdf files due to unsupported files and file extensions. 

Inadequate Internet connectivity

Check if your data connection is up to date or if the Wi-Fi signals are strong enough. WhatsApp has a tendency to stop downloading when you have a slow connection.

WhatsApp no ​​longer supports your Smartphone

If you are using an older smartphone, regardless of platform, check the list of supported devices in ” WhatsApp support for mobile devices “. An unsupported device progressively ceases to function. 

So what is the solution to solve this problem? In the part below, we will discuss the main solutions. Run them and see if your problem is solved or not.

I am unable to open PDF in WhatsApp – Solutions

Once we have identified the problems that would cause a pdf file not to open within WhatsApp, now we will go to see all the possible solutions:

Method # 1 Check the storage space of the Android device

When you download a document, it is immediately saved in the storage / whatsapp / media / whatsappdocuments folder, which you can retrieve with a file explorer app.

For iOS: Files stored by your iPhone / iPad’s WhatsApp app can be found by going to “Settings”> “General”> “Storage and iCloud Usage”> “Manage Storage” on your iPhone, then tapping “WhatsApp ”To see the“ Documents and data ”.

 Just open the PDF in iBooks and it will store a copy of it there.

Method # 2 Keep your device updated

  1. Update your WhatsApp to the latest version. And try to send a message.
  2. Use an antivirus to scan the PDF. Check for hidden.exe files or other security risks.

Method No. 3. Open the PDF file on your web browser or PDF viewer

It is best to test the PDF file online using a PDF viewer or editor to see if the PDF file is truly available. To test, you can use web-based editors and viewers available online that can be accessed through a browser.

If the PDF opens in a web browser, it suggests that the phone cannot support opening the pdf file. If it doesn’t open online, the file is the problem. Now you will need to repair the PDF file by repairing yourself using PDF repair tools.


There are many users who are facing the problem of not being able to open PDF in the WhatsApp application. We have discussed the reasons and solutions for solving this problem in this article. There are various ways to repair damaged PDF files online. However, not everything is safe and will mainly depend on the type of pdf file downloaded and the Android mobile phone model in possession.


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