Is uTalk Trustworthy?

Do you know if uTalk is reliable? This is an application that makes it possible to contact customers through an interface connected to WhatsApp . It is a system aimed at companies. It allows several employees to simultaneously use the application account that is associated with the number to optimize customer service.

In this way, employees can use the system directly from their computers. This avoids the need to carry cell phones and other mobile devices. Thus, there are a number of facilities for the process of promoting products and contacting customers.

After all, the system itself can function as a platform for recording, centralizing and managing relevant information. See in this article everything you need to know about uTalk and if it is a reliable tool to be implemented in your business.

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Table of Contents

  • To find out if uTalk is reliable, get to know its features
  • How to download and use uTalk?
  • How the subscription works
  • Conclusion

To find out if uTalk is reliable, get to know its features

This is a tool aimed at systematizing information related to customer service. Thus, uTalk has unique features that allow the system administrator to enter permissions and manage groups of agents for specific sectors of the company – such as finance, sales and support, for example. See some of its unique features:

  • uTalk offers exclusive options for managers, such as private conversations and viewing all calls;
  • You can add custom tags to customers to filter and segment conversations;
  • In addition, the administrator can also schedule the sending of messages to different customers at specific times. This increases the possibility of articulating joint initiatives that enhance the dissemination of your business;
  • Another interesting resource is the transfer of conversations from one operator to another in a practical and easy way;
  • Finally, the application also makes it possible to create a bank of automatic messages to be sent to customers in order to speed up service.

How to download and use uTalk?

To download the app, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the registration form on the platform’s website by accessing the “Free trial” option;
  2. After entering your information in the form, you now have access to the so-called “management panel”, which contains the main information about your account;
  3. The next step is to connect the company’s WhatsApp with the uTalk tool. To do this, you need to synchronize your smartphone through the QR Code generated on the platform panel. It is important to remember that the synchronized phone must be turned on and connected to the internet during this step;
  4. After registering, you become an account manager and can add agents who will work on your team in the uTalk chat.

How the subscription works

There are three subscription plans offered by the system administrator: Start, Corporate and Enterprise. Before choosing which one you want to subscribe to, you can join a free trial period. The amounts charged vary according to the number of operators you have.


Due to the fact that it is constantly being developed and improved, Utalk may occasionally experience crashes and performance issues. This is something quite natural in many applications of the same type. According to the service administrator’s website, the products developed “are simple to use and reliable on all platforms”.

Still according to the site itself, if something goes wrong during the operation of the software, it is possible to access the channel of doubts to verify how to solve the problem . In addition, you can also contact the company via email at [email protected] .


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