How to send WhatsApp PDF files by email?

One of the most widely used text formats today is PDF. This format is very easy to create, open and edit on your phone . Previously we could only do it through a computer but this is no longer the case.

As it is one of the most widely used formats today, we can share it through WhatsApp or Telegram or any other communication platform, or we can also send it by email . Here you will learn how to send them directly from the WhatsApp application to an email.

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  1. What are the file formats that can be sent by email?
  2. How to find the PDF in your mobile file manager?
    1. What is the path that WhatsApp downloads follow?
  3. How can you send the PDF file directly from WhatsApp?
    1. With your Android
    2. On your iPhone device
  4. What are the best alternatives to send a PDF if it has not been supported?
    1. Send a link to collaborate together
    2. How to copy OneDrive
    3. Using a compressor

What are the file formats that can be sent by email?

By mail we can receive and send information of any kind, from notification messages to which your email account is synchronized, or you can also receive files of any type of format , whether video, audio or reading such as PDF, Docx or others. more formats.

How to find the PDF in your mobile file manager?

There are several ways to find the files that we receive and download on our WhatsApp. One of the easiest ways is through the search engine of the file manager of our phone. In this case, if you want to search for this PDF file, you can write the acronyms of this format in the search engine and among the results will be the file you want.

If you want to know exactly where these kinds of documents are stored in your cell phone’s file manager, keep reading.


What is the path that WhatsApp downloads follow?

To get to the folder that groups these files you have to run your phone’s file manager. Then you will have to look for the folder called WhatsApp and enter it. Now there will be a group of folders, there you will touch on the one called Media .

Being there you will only have to look for the folder called WhatsApp Documents . When you enter the folder, you will be able to see all the documents that you have received in the folder and if you want to see the ones that you have already sent, you can enter the folder called Sent that is inside this folder.

How can you send the PDF file directly from WhatsApp?

In case you find it very difficult to find the PDF file from the file manager to send it, you can do it directly from the same WhatsApp application regardless of whether your device is Android or iPhone.

Before sending the PDF file to any user, make sure the document is not locked. In case it is encrypted, unlock the PDF file or send the password to your contact so that they do not have any inconvenience.

With your Android

From your phone with Android operating system, you must follow the steps that we will give you below . It’s a simple process and anyone can do it:

  • You will open the WhatsApp application and enter the chat in which it is found in PDF file.
  • Now you will leave the PDF file pressed for about three seconds and you will release it.
  • At this time there will be a series of icons at the top of the screen. There you will click on what is like a triangle that will be from second from right to left.
  • When you click on this icon, a series of options will appear, including Gmail, you will touch this.
  • Then, you just have to add the email address you want to send the attachment to and send it.

On your iPhone device

Now, if your cell phone is iPhone, you just have to follow the same steps as Android . This is because this application does not change in almost anything, only some details change.

What are the best alternatives to send a PDF if it has not been supported?

There may be the case that it was not possible to send the PDF you wanted through WhatsApp or that you did not like the process to follow or you are not used to using it . Therefore, you may be interested in these three different ways to share the PDF files you want.

Send a link to collaborate together

In case you want to allow the other person to edit this PDF, you can share it as a link. You do this through Google Drive, there you can choose the type of domain that you will allow this user and you will send the link to that user.

How to copy OneDrive

If you want to share the PDF file from your OneDrive account, you will only have to search for it among your files in the OneDrive cloud and there click on the share option, after that you can send it to any email you want.

Using a compressor

In case you are not allowed to send the file due to the format, you can compress the PDF file and send it from your cell phone storage to any email account you want. When compressed, the file will be enclosed in a kind of special folder with a different format and this allows it to be sent without any problem.

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