Can cooked frozen vegetables be refrozen?

The freezer is one of the most useful appliances ever: it allows you to store food for a long time, avoiding food waste. However, attention must be paid to the methods and times of conservation ( can rice be frozen? ), Which can vary from food to food (this is how much meat can be stored in the freezer ). This allows us to preserve the quality of the product, from a nutritional point of view, but also to guarantee greater safety for health. But can frozen foods, such as vegetables, once defrosted, be placed back in the freezer after cooked ?

Experts advise never to refreeze a thawed food , even if it is a vegetable. The first reason is linked to the taste of the product: when foods are defrosted, they lose water and with it also part of their nutritional values. Even the flavor is altered, not being as tasty as when it was purchased fresh.

But there is another, far more serious, reason that makes it unfeasible to refreeze a thawed food and has to do with our health. In fact, all foods contain bacteria. Low temperatures do not kill these microorganisms, which reactivate once out of the freezer, continuing to proliferate. To destroy the bacterial load of a food, it is good practice to cook it well and evenly .

But then can a food cooked after being frozen be frozen again? Better to avoid if the food had been frozen already cooked , while there should be no contraindications if the vegetables were raw in the freezer, and after being cooked they are refrozen.

Many experts, however, also advise against this practice: it is true that cooking kills bacteria, but some toxins released by the living bacterium may still remain on the food . And in some cases it can be dangerous to health.

Remember, then, that there are vegetables that do not lend themselves to being frozen in the freezer ( where you should never leave the packet of chips open! ). This is the case for salad, for example, and other water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers and fennel . Even some types of fruit, such as watermelon ( which can be grilled instead ) and grapes, fear low temperatures.


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