Growing basil in a pot: a little trick to make it tasty

Keeping a jar of basil on the balcony , on the window or in the garden is a great way to always have your tasty, fresh and ready leaves ready to flavor the most varied dishes, from spaghetti with tomato to the classic “panzanella”: as what to do to keep that potted seedling healthy to better enjoy its results?

In fact, it often happens that those promising seedlings end up withering under our eyes: here’s what we can do to prevent it.

First of all, we choose a healthy and leafy seedling : when we get home we carefully check how many seedlings have been inserted in the same pot. If there are more than one, separate them by planting them in other jars, possibly in terracotta and with a handful of expanded clay at the base, to avoid water stagnation.

The position: basil wants light, but not direct sun otherwise its leaves will literally burn. For this reason, the pot should be placed in a shady place, where the sun can turn at most in the evening, and watered often. But be careful, not very often: you will have to rely on the finger test . By inserting a finger into the ground, it must remain damp, neither dry nor drenched. Then adjust with the watering, also according to the temperature and the position of the plant.

Then there is the pruning : just like that, basil must never get to make flowers, otherwise the life cycle of the plant is considered concluded and will no longer make leaves. As soon as the first stems appear, they must be cut.

Finally, to pick the basil leaves, always remember to start from the top : the expert advice is to cut from the tip, just above its bifurcations, and do it often, since the plant is “young” (about 10 cm) . In this way the flowers will never form and the basil will grow in width, with many leaves, providing you with the ideal ingredient for an unforgettable pesto !


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