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Our physical well-being does not depend only on a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity. To keep our body healthy, we also need hydration. In fact, taking the right amount of water is important for regulating the functions of cells, organs and tissues. On the other hand, that the water supply is fundamental for the organism is widely known since water is the main chemical component , constituting 60% of body weight. But how much water should you drink per day?

First of all, it must be remembered that our body continuously loses water : sweating, during urination and intestinal activities. For this he needs to replenish the lost liquids, through drinks and foods that contain water. We must also remember that the water supply is individual and depends on several factors such as the state of health, lifestyle and even the place where you live. It is certainly necessary to increase the water intake when playing sports ( in these cases it is also useful to wash your face often ), if you are in particularly hot and humid places or, again, if you are affected by vomiting and diarrhea. In short, what should be avoided is the risk of dehydration.

It is therefore evident that how much water to drink per day depends on several circumstances, but there are still general guidelines to which we can refer. According to what reported by the ” Mayo Clinic ” on its website, to guarantee the right hydration for an average and healthy adult who lives in a temperate climate, 3.7 liters are needed daily , while for a woman the daily water requirement drops to 2, 7 liters. These quantities refer to the total water supply coming from the water, other drinks ( coconut water never tried? ) And food. The intake of liquids is therefore not guaranteed only by the water we drink but also by some foods which are particularly rich in it, such as fruit and vegetables.

Finally, it is widely believed that the perfect formula that establishes how much water to drink per day is contained in eight glasses ( but does a glass of cold water before sleep really make you lose weight? ). The quantity may generally be sufficient to keep the body hydrated, but in some subjects it may not be sufficient or even lower than the real personal needs.



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