The 5 unusual areas of the body to be protected with sunscreen

Summer, time for holidays and especially for the sun: sun protection should never be forgotten, that the hottest months are spent at the sea, in the mountains or in the city.

In fact, when the sun hits there is no place that takes: the sunburn does not make discounts, even if you spend the summer at home. This is why it is very important to protect yourself adequately , with the right products and in the correct quantity, to avoid short and long term damage.

There are some areas of the body that do not seem necessary to protect , or rather that we tend to forget when we spread sunscreen: a serious mistake, because according to a study by the Skin Cancer Foundation, they are also the ones that are most often attacked by skin tumors.

When we spread sunscreen on the face, we must not forget about temples, ears and lips . Often there is a tendency to distribute the product only on the nose, chin and forehead, then hastily widening it on the cheeks. The protective cream, on the other hand, must be carefully applied evenly over the entire face, without forgetting exposed areas exactly like the others, such as the sides of the face (temples and ears) and the lips.

The lips, delicate like the eye area and the eyelids , should be protected with a specific product.

The sunscreen must also be carefully spread on the neck, in the nape area , just below the hairline: an area that always remains in the shade if you have long hair and that instead at the sea, thanks to the heat and the temptation to collect them, it may be exposed without protection.

Finally, the feet : many have experienced the thrill of burning their instep and know what it means not to be able to wear shoes for a week … yet, it is an area that continues to be neglected when you apply sunscreen on body.

In conclusion, we remind you that the sunscreen must be carefully distributed on all parts of the body exposed to the sun, that the distribution must be renewed every couple of hours at the latest (even earlier if you bathe) and that in any case you must avoid sun exposure in the hottest hours (12-14). Great allies of our skin on the beach are hats and sunglasses, let’s not forget to put them in the bag!


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