Avocado, the trick to make it mature with water

How best to store half an avocado? If you are thinking of using the classic transparent film or aluminum foil you are completely out of the way. The trick to not spoil this delicious fruit, useful in the kitchen ( try adding it to the chocolate pudding! ) But also excellent as a beauty remedy, comes from Tik Tok .

It is precisely on the most trendy social network of the moment ( from where real stars were born ) that someone has revealed the secret to keeping the open lawyer intact , helping him to mature earlier. It took two very short videos to intrigue users who have shown that they appreciate the genius.

To reveal the expedient that blocks the oxidation process and accelerates maturation was a woman, registered on the platforms with the name KMag1 . The nice user did nothing but place the avocado half in a plastic container with water inside , immersing the fruit from the inside, the one to be preserved ( the strawberries should be immersed in salted water before eating them? ).

In this way, avocado can be stored for up to 24 hours , remaining intact and ready to be eaten. As a demonstration of her theory, after the retention time, the girl then showed the result, which is amazing. The avocado pulp ( rich in antioxidants ), in fact, not only remains of its bright color, but is even softer . Before using in our recipes (have you ever tried avocado pesto? ), Simply dab the inside with a sheet of absorbent paper , so as to eliminate the water and dry it.

The advice was particularly appreciated by users who made his videos immediately viral. In short, Tik Tok is increasingly proving to be a place for sharing ideas and suggestions , also in the culinary field, as recently demonstrated by the success of the recipe for whipped coffee .


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