Basically the difference between nutrition and nutrition is that nutrition is the ‘simple’ introduction of food into the body. Nutrition can be compared to eating, regardless of what are the foods and foods we ingest and their nutritional properties.

What is nutrition

At this point we can understand the difference between nutrition and nutrition by specifying that nutrition is properly that scientific discipline that studies what contributions each individual food and food produces within the body. Each food, in fact, both solid and liquid, is composed of substances (lipids, proteins and carbohydrates) that contribute to the growth, development and health of our body . We can therefore summarize by saying that nutrition serves to understand what substances to take to have a correct and healthy diet.

Nutrition that is nutritious

When we talked about the reasons for a varied diet and those of the food pyramid , as well as when we remember the importance of nutrition during exercise , we remember how important it is to understand what are the foods to eat that are good for us. body .

In fact, not everything we eat contributes to our growth and well-being. Just think of how over the past decades the availability and variety of food has increased in some countries but how this has led to significant problems and eating disorders , also with the development of serious diseases (as in the case of linked obesity taking pre-packaged, pre-cooked, refined or unhealthy foods.

For healthy eating, therefore, it is important to have awareness and knowledge of what are the basic elements of the functioning of the organism and its metabolism, in particular to know what are its needs. In addition to certain food pathologies, there may be cases in which your body has more or less difficulty in assimilating and disposing of some substances; being aware of it allows you to find solutions and to regulate nutrition so that it is truly nutritious.

Useful tips

To have a healthy and nutritious diet, it is important to take foods that are useful for the body’s well-being. Among these we certainly remember quality proteins such as white meat, blue fish and fresh cheeses, seasonal vegetables, fats from extra virgin olive oil, whole grains that have not been refined, fresh fruit and foods biological . To organize this type of diet geared towards your own well-being it can be useful to keep a food diary , which proves to be excellent for those who often spend a meal away from home.

Finally, it may be a valid choice to resort to a nutritionist. In this case, an expert in the sciences of food and human nutrition will be able to provide more specific and accurate indications in order to have a correct diet and that allows a healthy development of the organism . Remember that nutrition is not and can never be ignored or neglected and that a good part of our psychophysical well-being depends on it.


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