Café Express “La Modelo”

Café Express “La Modelo” (Development) . Gastronomic center of the municipality fomentense, is one of the most accepted gastronomic varieties and visited by the people.


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It is located on Aguilera street belonging to the North Popular Council , in the place that formerly occupied the TRD Caribe. Specifically next to the Municipal Museum and close, very close to the María de la Caridad Martínez park .


It arises from a concerted exchange between the TRD and the municipality’s commerce and gastronomy company, due to the need for a large location for the aforementioned foreign currency collection store. Thus, the premises that formerly occupied the “El Modelo” cafeteria were handed over to them and, taking the idea of ​​the director of the commercial company, it was decided in this smaller unit to make a cafeteria that would satisfy the needs of the population, in honor to the people.

Coffee Workers

The task was not easy, the premises had to be rebuilt and the cafeteria workers themselves undertook this task with the help of a bricklayer and taking the necessary materials for the repair up the stairs. The home was delivered on August 8 of the 2008 and happily the restoration work was completed on November 21 of the 2009 when it began to provide services. The opening of the cafeteria was held on December 18, 2009 in greeting to the most important date of this town, the taking of Development. The main leaders of the Party attended this inaugurationand the government of the municipality as well as of the different mass organizations. There was also the illustrative appearance of Aleidita, Che’s daughter .

Espresso Café “La Modelo”


Its fundamental objective is to satisfy the needs of the population and provide gastronomic services such as a cafeteria and thus also guarantee the offer of a variety of nutritional food products at reasonable prices to the population.


  • Working relationships with other cultural institutions and the municipal body are increased.
  • Actions have been developed in the dissemination of the various gastronomic offerings, thus expanding the level of programming of our center.
  • Income is increased due to the improvement of control, planning and promotion mechanisms.
  • The maintenance of the center’s equipment has been guaranteed.
  • An informative service (Tailor-made) of all the offers to be consumed is offered to the public.

Work organization


The workers are divided into two brigades, with two sections: the service section and the processing section. The part of services dedicated to direct public attention in the hall is divided into two parts: station 1 and station 2. The production part in each brigade is made up of three people:

  • The coffee machine operator .
  • The lunch box
  • Kitchen assistant.

It also has an administrator and an accountant, forming a total of 18 workers with members of the PCC and the UJC .

The Golden Book

In the unit there is the Golden Book, which is like the certificate of quality in services. In it, visitors have left their opinion about the services. some of them of national and international renown as

  1. The MINCIN Ministerial Group .
  2. Cienfuegos theater group that participated in the Olga Alonso Theater Fesival in 2009
  3. The writer Imarit in July 2010 wrote: “I have returned to Fomento after 45 years, I have been very well received in this place that reflects the soul of this town”
  4. The economic director of Isla Azul in Varadero praised the service, highlighting the quality of the services and the offers, he believes that this service would be well received by international and national tourism, since whenever quality service is provided it is worth recognizing.
  5. Pedro de Oará also left his recognition in July 2010:


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