Irish coffee

Irish coffee . Drink well known throughout the world . It is characterized by being hot, fabulous not only to be able to fight the cold, but also to enjoy it among friends.


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It was discovered in a frigid winter in 1942 , at Foynes Air Base , Limerick , Ireland (now Shannon International Airport). It began as a remedy to combat the cold of passengers on transatlantic flights from the United States landing in Foynes.

History describes how one of these transatlantic flights full of American passengers arrived at the Foynes air base after fighting for hours against strong storms. The plane landed without any problem at the air base and the passengers disembarked in perfect condition, although frozen by the intense cold of the base and thankful for being alive. The chef (Joseph Sheridan) of the restaurant at Foynes Air Base, when he saw those passengers shivering with cold, decided to prepare a drink for them so that they could warm up. Sheridan made them a hot coffee and added a splash of good whiskey Irish topping each bowl with a little cream milk. Passengers enjoyed great coffee with a unique flavor.

This same story tells that one of the passengers asked Sheridan if they were drinking Brazilian coffee, to which Joseph Sheridan replied: “No, this they are drinking is Irish coffee . 

Although this coffee was invented in Ireland, where it became most famous was at the Buena Vista Bar in San Francisco because Irish coffee is said to have arrived in the United States in 1952 by Stanton Delaplane, writer and reporter for the “Chronicle of Saint Francisco “ , who convinced Jack Koeppler, the then owner of Buena Vista, to start serving this excellent drink.



  • Well loaded coffee.
  • Brown sugar.
  • Irish whiskey.
  • Cream milkwhipped (semimounted cream).
  • Chocolateor cinnamon shavings to decorate.


A glass of hot water is filled and a hot coffee is prepared while taking heat . Then remove the water from the glass and add a tablespoon of brown sugar , a good squirt of Irish whiskey and the hot coffee, mix with a teaspoon until the sugar has dissolved.

Milk cream is poured over the convex part of a spoon so that it floats and does not mix with the coffee. Finish by sprinkling chocolate shavings or cinnamon over the milk cream and decorate with a straw.


Variant Irish coffee.

You can substitute Irish whiskey for another such as Scotch, Canadian, bourbon, etc. Liquid semi-whipped cream can be replaced with spray-whipped cream or milk can be heated in the coffee maker’s vaporizer to create foam.

Another way, although it is not the original, is to mix the sugar and the whiskey and burn it so that it loses part of the alcohol and takes a more liqueury texture. Then the coffee is added trying not to mix with the whiskey, buffering it with a spoon over the edges of the glass and then the cream is added in the same way and this will obtain a striking coffee with three different colors.

Nutritional information

Energy 488.04 Kcal
Protein 24.90 gr
HC 41.41 gr
Fiber 0.00 g
Saturated fatty acids 18.00 gr
Monounsaturated fatty acids 8.34 gr
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.84 gr
Cholesterol 84.00 mg
AC 400030.10 mg
Faith 0.17 mg
Zn 0.12 mg
Vitamin A 300.00 µg
Vitamin C 0.60 mg
Folic acid 1.20 µg


  • Take the coffeethrough the cream so that it acquires its flavor and do not mix it.
  • Use only Irish whiskeysince the difference with scotch or any other is that it has one more distillation and hence its characteristic flavor.


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