El Escorial Coffee

El Escorial Café. Recreates recipes made from the Arabica coffee bean that comes from the Sierra del Escambray , belonging to the hotel and non-hotel network , Compañía Turística Habaguanex SA .


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The Café El Escorial puts at your disposal some sixty recipes made from the Arabica grain that comes from the Escambray mountain range , in the center of the Island , and is then roasted and ground in the Havana mansion itself. Hot, cold or in cocktails mixed with liquors and aged, the different types of coffee share space with the traditional espresso, American, cortadito, cappuccino , bonbon and decaf. French pastry and assorted sandwiches are offered in this place, which also offers the possibility of buying a souvenir or taking home a bag of coffee with the El Escorial seal.


Merchants , esq. Wall of Old Havana , Havana , Cuba


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  • Hours from 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Capacity 104


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