The business of making furniture with bamboo

The business of making furniture with bamboo is one of the productive profitable businesses . Before the joke with the bamboo, but now he has no chance. Instead of wood furniture, bamboo furniture can serve as an alternative. The cost of furniture made with bamboo is low and treatment can be given up to 25 years if treated well.

Where the price of a bed made of wood is Tk 25,000, the price of a bamboo bed will be 1 to 3 thousand. If a wooden bed is sold at 25 percent profit, then a bamboo bed can be sold for 12 percent.

If you want to establish yourself as a self-sufficient and medium-sized entrepreneur, the furniture making business with bamboo can be a breakthrough. Bamboo accessories are a popular business as they are available for less money than wooden items.

The furniture of a room such as: bed, sofa, dining table, common table, chair, fold, rocker etc. is usually made of wood. This same furniture can be made again with bamboo and cane. In a word, all the furniture needed to decorate a home can be made with bamboo and cane. Even in addition to local designs, you can make all the shelves by making furniture made of foreign design.

Location of the furniture making business with bamboo

To start a furniture making business with bamboo you need to take two positions. One for a factory and another for a showroom or a sales center. It is good to start this business where transportation is good and people are moving. This business can be started in the market or in a store near the market. If there is a factory behind or below the showroom, there is no transportation cost. This business can also be started at home. You can tell your business location by advertising online.

Why start this business?

It’s a lucrative business. Over time, its demand has been increasing day by day. Basheer furniture is less risky in the business. This is why many young entrepreneurs are eager to start this business. This business can be done by women at home. It is known as a popular business. This money can be earned by investing a small amount of money. There is also the opportunity to make good quality furniture and export it abroad.

Potential capital

To start this business, you need to import the necessary equipment. However, if the technology can be made in local technology, the required equipment can be made at Tk 1 lakh. In all, if you have 2 million taka you can start the business of making furniture with rough bamboo.

How to make

First of all, I want a proper business plan. Where to buy bamboo, what the price is, whether the price is the same all the time in the year, you need to know what is good for making bamboo furniture.

To make bamboo furniture, bamboo has to be cut through the machine first. According to the size of the furniture bamboo is made of beds, sofas, common table, dining table, chairs etc. Furniture is made with different designs. Different colors can be used to make the product look beautiful. This way bamboo furniture can be made.


Demand in the market is increasing day by day. Bamboo furniture is less expensive than wood, which is why most people are eager to buy this product. You can sell your products at different fairs. Various furniture stores sell this product. Its demand in cities and rural areas is increasing at a tremendous rate.

Qualifications : Training is required to design different products. If you cannot do it yourself, you will have to hire skilled craftsmen. Production and sales must run simultaneously. Moreover, the customer should have the ability to make furniture of choice.

How to get a furniture business with bamboo – This business can be very profitable. It is possible to derive 72% of the profits from this business.

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