Bungee Dance Weight Loss? Benefits, How To and Tips

Bungee Dance or Bungee Work Out is the newest and most popular modality in the fitness world. You have probably seen videos on the Internet, where a class full of students strapped to the ceiling by a harness, attached to a rubber band (similar to the one used in bungee jump), throws themselves in the air, doing stunts as if not. weigh nothing.

The modality emerged in Thailand, at Stories to Tales Theater studio, and became popular from videos of classes posted on the Internet. The dance activity sounds like fun, but does it offer any real benefit? For example, does bungee dance lose weight?

How it works 

Don’t be fooled by the choreographed music and acrobatic movements – this is much more than a dance, it is an intense activity. Bungee dance is slim, exercises muscles throughout the body and strength training. Choreographies are harder to reproduce than they seem.

For starters, students are equipped with a ceiling-mounted headgear. The equipment, in addition to ensuring the safety of those involved, also works with confidence and body awareness.

The farther you move away from the elastic anchor point, the more tension you create in the elastic, and the resistance works. Exercises such as pushups and squats, for example, end up becoming more challenging (and burning more calories).

Most classes focus on choreography. Students should practice and memorize the movements, always working with the tension of the elastic, and will exercise, often without even realizing it.

The truth is that this is a very exhausting exercise and so the length of the classes is not very long. This time may increase as the student builds resistance.


In fact, bungee dance gets thinner. It’s an ideal sport for those who want to lose weight and loathe the gym or get bored of a regular workout routine, because working out with the elastic is so much fun and distracts you from the fact that you’re exercising.

In one hour of class, you can burn up to 400 calories! Classes train high intensity cardio (HIIT), endurance, lower and upper limbs, and abdominal muscles.

Because it is a non-impact exercise, bungee work out is perfect for people who have joint problems, for example.

Who can do it? 

Classes are designed to engage ordinary people – you don’t have to be an athlete or have experience to enroll in a class. Remember, however, that if you have some kind of heart problem, this exercise is not recommended.Some studios in Brazil already offer bungee dance classes and we recommend that you test the effectiveness of this training yourself. One thing is for sure – you will end up having a great time!

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