Why do brides marry in white? Discover this and other wedding rituals

It is inevitable, the bride’s dress takes on enormous proportions when it comes to the wedding. It becomes one of the most talked about subjects before, during and after marriage. That is why it is a very debated topic and there are even those who choose the model before even marking the union. Generally, the choice of the model is given by the characteristics and personality of the bride, but the white color is usually the most requested.

This is because it is a tradition that has very ancient origins in history. If you are curious to know why this color is chosen or to understand other rites that involve marriage, it is good to stay tuned to this article.

The history of white dresses at weddings

There is no consensus among historians as to how wedding dresses came about, but there are reports in the Bible that suggested the use of special garments at this time in the couple’s life. However, according to the website Inesquecível Casamento, nothing compares to the model that is now part of most weddings, white, for example, was not the most used color.

In antiquity, marriage was seen as a way to demonstrate the wealth of the bride and groom’s family, so the color did not matter, but the luxury of the dress. Also according to the website specialized in marriage, in the Renaissance the “basic black” was already used in weddings by brides, as this color represented religiosity and obedience to the church.

Despite this, it does not mean that white was an option discarded by brides, some of them chose this color, but it only became popular after the wedding of Queen Victoria of England, in the 19th century. She was the first nobleman to marry for love and so she became a symbol for other women. Since then white has become an official color for brides and it refers to chastity and purity.

Other wedding rituals

In addition to the color of the bride’s dress, there are other very common rites in the wedding that can arouse people’s interest to better understand the story behind some habits.

Why does the bride throw the bouquet?

The bride’s bouquet is seen as a symbol of luck and, in a way, is “blessed” during the wedding ceremony. When the bride decides to play it, she is offering the opportunity for someone to take it and thereby be lucky in love. This custom arose in the 14th century, but before that the bride offered pieces of her dress to bring luck to the guests.

What is the point of throwing raw rice at the couple’s exit?

Rice is a grain that represents fertility and, for many years, marriage was seen only with this perspective. The idea, in the past, was to unite two people who could continue the family name, that is, a couple that would guarantee children for the family.

Why is the wedding ring on the left ring finger?

From the sixteenth century, alliances were seen as essential elements for Catholic marriage. It symbolizes, among other things, the union between the couple. The finger chosen to have the wedding ring is the fourth finger of the left hand, because according to the Greeks and Romans it was through that finger that a vein that connects to the heart passed. Thus, the hearts of lovers would always be connected.

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