Importance of the Environment

The Value of the Natural Environment as a Life Support

The space where life develops at this time with all living beings and their natural components. That surrounding environment conditioning the life of society and that is being modified every day by unconscious activities of man. It is that home known as Environment.

For this reason, man must understand that today depends more than ever on this system for survival on the planet. Since it provides quantities of environmental services for social, economic and cultural development.

In this sense, the importance of the environment is that it is a habitat for humanity, biological diversity and everything that exists today on this planet earth. Undoubtedly, from it you get air, water, soil, plants, animals and most importantly as food and raw materials to manufacture everything that is used today.

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Therefore, the importance of the environment is fundamental. Since it offers all its natural resources that the human being needs to feed, dress, build houses, have light, transport, among many other benefits to exist. Everything that is seen around is obtained directly or indirectly from the environment. Therefore, all societies must guarantee their care for their existence and make rational use of all their resources.

However, humans have not valued its great importance as the only home they have to continue living in it. This is how, through its activities of exploitation and contamination of resources. It is ending all the benefits and services it provides.

Having said all this, humanity’s conscience is essential to the environmental impact of all its activities. And understand that as this system is destroyed, the quality of life of present and future generations is ending.

Finally, the environment is essential for life support and taking care of it must always be the task of every citizen. To ensure their own existence in harmony and balance with nature. In short, man must know the value of his natural environment so that he can keep it for his children and grandchildren who deserve to live in a better world.


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