8 tips on how to shop smart

Nothing better than that feeling when you just made a super smart purchase, right? The product you wanted, with the features you were looking for, great price, the most suitable payment terms for you and, of course, Méliuz cashback on your account! Often, shopping smart is a challenge, but in order for that good feeling to be even better with your next purchases, we’ve listed eight tips to help you shop well and have zero headaches later. After all, it is mega important that our money and our purchases always make us happier, right?

So, let’s go to the tips for making smart purchases – not to mention the usual tip of asking for the Méliuz Card to earn more cashback on your purchases :

1. List dreams and needs

First of all, write down everything you think your money can do for you. Big dreams, little dreams and even those purchases you really need to make. Having this wish list helps you to plan financially to win them over and even enjoy the best of the ads and offers that we receive every day.

2. Prioritize and plan each purchase

Having your wish list, it’s time to create the plans to conquer each one of them. Prioritize your goals according to the urgency and value of each one. If possible, plan for larger purchases in advance – you will have more time to save and invest the money for those expenses.

3. Search hard

Now that you know what your next purchase is, it’s time for a lot of research. I know it sounds boring at times, but I promise you it’s worth it. It is a moment when you understand if it is exactly what you are looking for, discover a lot about it and still guarantee that you will make a much more peaceful purchase.

4. Chat with those who have already made that purchase

We read and watch a lot of content about products on the internet, but nothing better than actually talking to those who have already bought what we are looking for. You can see what the pros and cons of day-to-day use are, if she recommends that purchase and even if she has any offer tips to save on closing the cart.

5. Assess the cost-benefit

Of course, we want to pay less on all purchases. But in addition to the price, it is important to evaluate the benefits that a cheaper or more expensive purchase can bring me. Is it worth paying a little more for a more durable and more resistant product? Or can I choose a simpler option at a better price? A few questions like that make all the difference for you to make the best purchase.

6. Look for offers and benefits

Finding the best prices and the best benefits is a beautiful way to feel good when shopping. Therefore, the tip is to remember as soon as you are sure of what you are going to buy. Groups of promotions on websites and social networks can be a good way to get that price tag. And of course, always using Méliuz to not lose money on your purchase, right?

7. Check the budget

Shopping without thinking about the budget is the right recipe for headaches. Therefore, before confirming a purchase, it is important to make the accounts and assess whether that amount fits in your pocket. And even in installment purchases, think calmly if it will be easy to pay all invoices. After all, there is no better feeling than buying what you wanted so much with the certainty that payment will not be a problem – either now or at the end of the month.

8. Assess your other dreams and goals

In addition to the budget, it is legal to assess whether making a purchase now can delay any other dreams you have planned. The best part is that remembering this helps us to assess whether each purchase is really important at that time. And even when we consider that yes, the purchase is much more relaxed – and with no regrets afterwards.

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