Ame Digital: How It Works

Entering the cashback fashion, launched its digital wallet that allows consumers to pay for their purchases by credit card, via the app, and even receive cashback . But after all, what is Ame Digital? How does Ame Digital work?

To clarify any doubts, we have prepared a super complete post to help you understand how to make the best of this service. Come on?


What is Ame Digital?

The Love Digital is the digital portfolio of B2W group covering three giants of Brazilian e-commerce:, Submarino and Shoptime.

Through the Ame Digital app, consumers are able to pay for purchases at partner stores using their preferred credit card, collect and pay bills via QR Code, transfer amounts between Ame accounts without paying any fees, and receive cashback on purchases paid through the app. Best of all, Ame Digital is free.


Ame Digital: How it works

To use Ame Digital, you only need to download the app, available for free for iOS and Android. After registering – full name, social security number, date of birth, e-mail and cell phone number – and validating the account by e-mail, you can start enjoying the benefits that the platform offers.

To pay for purchases at partner stores with Ame Digital and still earn cashback, you only need to register your credit card and, when completing the purchase at a partner store, just choose Ame Digital as a form of payment. The app will open a QR Code reader and your purchase will be paid and confirmed automatically. The same goes for purchases in physical stores of Lojas Americanas!

As a reward, you get back part of the purchase amount directly in your Ame account ( cashback ). The amount received can be used as a credit for future purchases at partner stores or transferred to another Ame account.

You can also generate a QR Code for other people to pay you, in addition to buying Cabify racing vouchers, recharging your transport card and even hiring your Bike Itaú Tem Bici plan. All using your card or the credit received in your Ame account.


Advantages of Ame Digital

In addition to being able to enjoy all these services without paying anything, Ame Digital is cumulative with Méliuz! That is, when you start shopping at, Submarino, Shoptime and Sou Barato through the Méliuz website or app, you earn cashback twice!

How to earn cashback with Méliuz + Ame?
1- Sign up for both Méliuz and Ame;
2- On the Méliuz website or app, look for, Submarino, Shoptime and Sou Barato
3- Activate your cashback;
4- Make your purchase on the store’s website, which will open automatically;
5- Complete the purchase quickly and safely, choosing Ame as the payment method.

Ready! Now just wait for the payment confirmation and the time necessary for the cashback amount to be credited to your Méliuz account and your Ame account.

Sign up for Méliuz


How to use cashback?

With Ame Digital, you can accumulate up to R $ 5,000 in cashback. With this amount received, you can pay for your purchases at partner stores or transfer to another Ame account, free of charge.

In Méliuz, upon completing R $ 20 of balance, you enter your bank details and can request the free redemption of the amount to your checking or savings account. This request can be made either through the website or through the Méliuz application.

Ame Digital: Partner stores

In addition to Lojas Americanas (physical stores) and the sites, Submarino, Shoptime and Sou Barato, Ame Digital is also a partner of: Bike Itaú, Cabify, ClickBus, Maxmilhas and other stores, bars and restaurants.

In the Ame Digital app, you can find all the partners and check the services available for you to pay with your registered balance or credit card.

Ah! And don’t forget, many of these stores are also Méliuz’s partners . So, start your purchase on the Méliuz website or app and guarantee twice cashback!


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