Gift ideas for mom: here are the most beautiful

Is it your mom’s birthday ? Or maybe you have to give her a present for Christmas ? Ahhh I understand, it’s Mother’s Day and you don’t really know where to bang your head.

This list will save you!

Here are many ideas thought with the heart for the person who loves us most in the world: the mother!


Gift ideas for mom: fashion, beauty and sport

If your mother is an always impeccable looking woman, or if on the contrary she tends to neglect herself, here are some gift ideas that are right for her.

Clothing and accessories

A light dress for the summer, a soft and warm cardigan for the winter, or a mid-season coat, maybe a cape, with that slightly retro taste, or even a windbreaker, are all perfect gifts for a mom.

If she is a classy woman, a scarf is what it takes, and if you only want the best for her then take her a Hermès scarf, they cost a little more but are very elegant and precious.

Even a set of comfortable socks in modern and super comfortable materials will be very useful, perhaps paired with a pair of gloves and a hat.

If you prefer accessories, a Pandora bracelet, with a charm dedicated to mum, will surely please you: it can be enriched with new pendants for each important stage of your life or that of your children.

For the most classic jewelry, a pair of timeless pearl earrings will make her feel important and pampered, especially if you let her find them in a romantic and delicate jewelry box.

One of the most popular accessories at the moment is the elegant and refined rose gold watch, an aesthetically harmonious, precious and useful object.

Do you love bags ? In this case you are spoiled for choice, try with the best-selling brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Micheal Kors and Y not, opt for a bag of adults, she will like it.

If instead she is a convinced traveler and leaves as soon as she can then the perfect gift is a set of suitcases, or a small trolley, it depends on the type of travel she prefers. You can add a set of airplane liquid holders and a travel document holder.

And if you love practicality and comfort , then a nice wide sweatshirt, maybe with a writing like “Super mom” or similar! Do you prefer to stay at home in slippers? Well … then just give them slippers! And a nice pajama or a warm dressing gown to give her the comfort she loves so much.

Beauty and personal care

Women love to take care of their beauty at all ages, and your mother is certainly no exception!

There are kits designed specifically for mothers, for mature skin and in need of nourishment.

For this you can give her a box with scrub, anti-aging cream and illuminating mask, or the small machinery to clean the skin in depth.

The Loreal kit for moms is a good idea. For moments of relaxation, why not give her one of those beautiful sets of bath bombs or cupcake-shaped soaps? You could complete the gift with the bath tub pillow, perfect!

And how about a device that massages your feet? Fantastic…

If you like it, give her a diffuser of essential oils together with some oils, for example argan oil, tea tree oil or lavender; if you already know them and like them, take them the complete kit of essential oils.

Other beauty products that a mother might like are ceramic thermal curlers, to make the crease in a few minutes, or a set of makeup brushes, a series of nail polishes or a make-up organizer.


Is your mom an active and dynamic person ? Or is she lazy and needs to be encouraged to exercise?

Either way a perfect gift for her and her health is an exercise bike, or a treadmill. If you’re already moving then a new pair of fitness shoes, an exercise mat and a sports suit. Add an activity tracker bracelet that will tell you how many steps you have taken, how much and how you slept and if you want, you will monitor your heart rate!

Perfect gifts for mum: cooking, home and family moments

Many moms like to cook and take care of the house for her and her family, here are the right gift ideas for her!

Home and kitchen

The perfect gift for any cook ? The classic or funny apron with themed phrases, and the rolling pin, the symbol of every kitchen!

Of course, there are more modern gifts, such as the planetary mixer or the food processor, the bread maker, the steamer, a deep fryer and many other kitchen appliances. If you want to overdo it, take a microwave oven, it will be very useful!

If you prefer simpler but always useful objects then take her a kitchen scale, perhaps together with the toaster and kettle set, for breakfast. Add a couple of cups dedicated to her!

A new set of knives will please all cook mothers, and if she’s really passionate and spent all day long, then a chef’s hat and apron!

Other possible gifts for the home are the complete picnic basket, the kitchen clock with the word “Mom’s kitchen”, the pillow dedicated to mom, or an angleo Thun, many mothers love them, or even a set of pillowcases with little hearts to remind her how much you love her 🙂

Do you want a more sentimental gift ? A digital frame with your photos together, or a set of printed photo frames, let them find it already complete on the wall! It is possible that she is moved.

If you want to pamper her and save her a lot of effort then why not give her the home drone that cleans the floor yourself? It is a perfect and original gift for her!

Books, music and movies

Do you love reading? Here are some gift ideas for her!

If you have not tried the kindle reader, it is time to give it to you, it could be very good! If she already has it, you can give her the subscription to read all the titles she wants without any limit! An excellent gift for great readers.

Some books are hymns to motherhood and the relationship between a mother and her children : one of them is A mother knows 20 true stories that open mothers and their children, beautiful and moving. Or Kobe’s ship, in which a daughter finds her mother when she finds her diary in a drawer, or even The Circle of Luck and Happiness, and also I will remember tomorrow – A story of mothers and daughters, the story of 4 generations of mothers and daughters.

Beautiful Dialogue with my mother, in which the author talks to her mother and with her gives meaning to their lives in a path hand in hand.

An original idea is a photo book on mothers and their babies around the world.

Also check out the latest and most popular releases.

If you like the TV series , and especially if the gift comes from a daughter, the perfect series is A mother for a friend, a fun and funny story about a mother, a daughter and their unique and accomplice relationship.

If you love music, give her a turntable with a vinyl of her favorite artist, or a CD of someone she likes, for example Battisti.

What to give to a mom who loves nature and the countryside

If your mother likes to spend time outdoors , nothing better than a kit of gardening tools, you can give them to her together with a pair of gardening gloves, or a shears to prune the plants and the classic brimmed hat wide to shelter from the sun!

Even a planter with seeds, or a series of vases will be a gift that will show you that you have thought about it.

If then she loves to cultivate the vegetable garden , then there are some decidedly original gifts, things that nobody ever gives but that will be very useful to her, that is, a pair of country boots with a nice hoe, or a spade and if you really want to give her a useful gift and bulky buy her a wheelbarrow! The latest models will save you a lot of effort.


Gift ideas for a technological mom

There are moms who are crazy about technology and moms who don’t want to hear about it but one thing is true for everyone: it simplifies your life.

If she is a  technological mom and already has many electronic things, you can give her the convertible computer, with the screen that detaches and becomes a tablet, or a smartwatch, or an electronic bracelet that will tell her how much she has walked, if she has slept enough and will wake her up gently in the lightest sleep phase.

If he already has all these things then a smartphone cover or a mouse pad will be fine, there are some models dedicated to mum, and if he is often in the car for a thousand commisons then a navigator or a smartphone holder for the car together with a bluetooth headset.


Fun and tender gifts, perfect for Mother’s Day

Here are some perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day but also for all other holidays.

There are many cups with writings suitable for celebrating a mother and that will surely make her very happy. Even the blanket with your arms or the one with the words “Mom in Relax” are both nice gifts for your mother.

If she is a sensitive and emotional mother then she will appreciate even more the pendant with the heart halfway with the inscription mother-daughter or mother-son.

Remember that the photos that celebrate your moments together will always be an excellent idea, put one in a photo frame specially designed for mom or take a set of wall photos to insert your family photos, she will be crazy!

Even the apron with the letters on the mother, or the t-shirt that enhances its qualities will be gifts of sure success!

The important thing is to give gifts with your heart and she will feel loved: for this reason it is important to add a card, tender or fun, to communicate your affection.

If you have no ideas, consider this fun report card from mom. Isn’t it perfect?

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