What to buy for mom: 10 surefire gift tips

Of course they are gifts that you can give on several occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas and such. But, as Mother’s Day is already approaching, it is good to start looking for something special. After all, she deserves it!

Our suggestions:

1. Flowers and chocolate

Although it seems a little cliché, the combination of chocolate with flowers, is usually quite successful among women.

Search for more sophisticated options and according to her taste. There are several chocolate shops that specialize in gifts and offer special kits.

2. Cosmetics and perfumes

In this category, we find so many options that it is difficult to define what to buy for mom. Will you choose bath items, after bath care or cosmetics ?

In the first stage, you can bet on handmade bar soaps or liquid soaps, body scrubs, facials and bath salts. That, not to mention hair care products.

For the post-bath moment, you have body, face, feet and hands moisturizers. For beautification, you can choose makeup, perfumes, body splash and others.

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3. Special drinks

If your mom likes gastronomy and doesn’t miss the opportunity to try something new, bet on special drinks as a gift.

We can easily find imported or craft wines, beers and other alcoholic beverages in supermarkets and specialty stores.

Try to understand her taste to get it right. Does she enjoy experimenting with different flavors or is she faithful to a specific style? Stronger or milder flavors?

But, if she loves coffee, why not bet on it as a gift? Look for brands that produce specialty coffees and put together a kit by adding a cup, shortbread cookies, jams and other little things.

4. Clothes

Regardless of the occasion, clothes are always good options. But, attention! Be sure to pay attention to your mother’s favorite style, as well as details of colors, prints and size.

5. Shoes

Some say shoes are a woman’s best friend. So, if your mother is more of a shoe lover , check which models and brands she likes the most before buying.

6. Accessories

To ensure more style and comfort for those you love the most, accessories are a great idea. Give your mother necklaces, bracelets, earrings or choose a bag that matches her style.

7. Books

For those who have a mother who loves to read, books are obviously a great option.

You can choose that special edition of a book that she loves. You can choose the latest release by the author she loves, or even choose a book with a story that has everything to do with her.

8. Electronic articles

A new cell phone for you to stay connected at all times? Or a Kindle for her to have all the books in her palm?

I already know! A smart watch full of features that will bring more practicality to her day to day. Option is not lacking!

9. Tours and trips

Bet on a trip with your mother as a more than special gift. Visiting different places, trying new things and getting to know other cultures will generate unforgettable moments for you.

It is often in the small moments that we share positive feelings and emotions that will influence various aspects of life.

10. Day off

Make your mother happy by giving her a special day, be it beauty or relaxation. Imagine providing a totally different day from the routine, in which she will be cared for, instead of caring.

Then, look for a salon that has those packages of hair care, nails, hair, waxing and give a princess day.

Another option is to buy a day spa for her, with massages all over her body and many other relaxation services.

Where to buy gifts

For those who want to give that gift to mom, the internet is filled with great online stores selling everything from clothes to accessories and decorative items. In fact, they usually offer great discounts for Mother’s Day shopping.

With a quick search, creativity and good taste, it is possible to purchase great products at the lowest prices.

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