What Is The Importance of Bottom Up Reading Model

Bottom Up Reading Model is a system of reading instruction based on the theory that the learning of reading takes place by piecing together small parts, or phonic sounds, to form, first, a letter sound, and, eventually, a word sound. Learning takes place, in other words, from the bottom up, from sound to symbol to meaning.The model is in contrast to the top-down model, in which children learn entire words by sight, by the distinctive shape of the word, rather than individual letters. Such children must then gradually take the word apart to learn each letter and its sound.

What Is The Importance of Bottom Up Reading Model

Experienced teachers recognize, however, that all children use both methods to some degree. Some children learn sight words more easily than others and instinctively distinguish words by the total shape of the word — pizza, for example, as opposed to cat. Other children, however, seem unable to distinguish entire words when first learning to read and are almost totally dependent on “sounding out” the word, letter by letter.

Importance of Bottom Up Reading Model In Reading Comprehension.

Studying means reading first of all, but reading is not the subject of a course. Whether it is about learning or evaluation, reading is at the center of school work and, School success is not the final or only goal of reading, perhaps the fundamental purpose of the reading act is to establish relationships between what is written, what is known and what needs to be done. However, it must be admitted that there is no intrinsic relationship between understanding a text and using the written word.

The teacher is an important mediator between the student and the written text; in some way it determines the student’s encounter with the decoding processes of the written word. Frequently, the teacher unconsciously influences the attitudes and values ​​of students. In effect, teachers are models that are observed and learned and, therefore, play a critical role in students’ attitudes towards reading.

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