Blue Light (HEVIS) The Silent Danger from Light

What is blue light?

Blue Light or Blue Light is the official full name as a High Light, the Energy Visible mode (referred to as the HEV or HEVIS Light, ) is a light, high-energy mix in a white light visible to humans. The white light can be divided into 7 colors, violet, blue, green, yellow, red and red, which the blue light is mixed in the indigo and blue with wavelengths between 400-500 nanometers.

The blue light is all around us and can affect our skin unexpectedly. Because it is light that can be found in both sunlight (Like UVA and UVB) from fluorescent lamps. From the phone screen Computer monitor, TV monitor, or from an LED screen Therefore, if anyone thinks sitting in front of a computer Sitting phone In the house or in the office Or use sunscreen on a regular basis, such as general sunscreen that does not protect against HEVIS Light and will be safe from blue light.

Note : In the sun, it consists of about 5% Ultraviolet (UV), which is divided into UVA and UVB, 50% Visible light and 45% Infrared or Infrared.


The effects of UV and HEVIS.

  • Causes free radicals on the skin that stimulate the production of Enzyme, destroying collagen and elastin in the skin, causing skin cells to deteriorate faster than usual Resulting in wrinkles easily Sagging Skin lacking moisture And the skin is older (Photo-aging) followed
  • The study of the research team found that At night, the blue light interferes with the body’s clock circuit, causing the skin to malfunction from what it should be. Then affects the natural regeneration process of the skin Making the skin look finally older Because the blue light is the cause of false perception that it is daytime
  • Stimulate freckles, deep-seated sunblock, dark spots, and dull skin, just like UVA and UVB rays.
  • A 2014 study found that blue light stimulates skin inflammation and leads to dark spots.
  • Weaken the skin barrier Uneven skin tone (A 2008 study of Japanese researchers in mice showed that Blue light to hinder the recovery of the skin turret)
  • Interfering with hormones that help sleep Causing insomnia and indirectly adversely affecting our skin

The effect of HEVIS Light that causes frecklesThe effects of HEVIS Light that cause premature wrinkles

Can be easily observed that in people who use sunscreen regularly Not very sunny But the face became older Freckles do not fade or become darker. Or have dark spots and dullness That’s because the HEVIS Light is the light around you, whether it’s sunlight, the light from the phone screen Or computer

“Sunlight is a great enemy when we are outdoors, but in truth, sunlight with both UV and HEVIS rays can harm our skin even when indoors. And also the style of email that is more dependent on technology We must also be careful about the light from various screens that may affect the skin as well. “


Note : Aside from blue light, it is harmful to the skin. Also harmful to the eyes as well Because it is a major cause of eye fatigue (Digital Eye Strain) by causing dry eyes, eye pain, blurred vision and tearing. In addition, the long-term exposure to blue light may also cause age-related macular degeneration. Macular Degeneration (AMD) as well, because this high-energy light wave induces free radicals Causing the cells to gradually deteriorate resulting in macular degeneration Which women are more likely to develop this disease than men

UV and HEVIS protection methods

  1. Reducing playing to a mobile phone or smartphone to a little less Especially at night (Do not believe, I have to believe that Thai people are the number one mobile phone in the world Using an average mobile phone of 4.2 hours a day!)
  2. Adjust the screen brightness of your computer or mobile phone to be less bright.
  3. Attach a blue protective film on the computer screen. Mobile phone screen And tablet screens such as Blue Light Cut films
  4. Find other leisure activities instead of being on the screen, such as reading a book or playing sports.
  5. Use skincare or nourishing creams containing lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin C, or antioxidants. (Antioxidant) to help protect the skin. And stimulate the creation of collagen to the skin
  6. Can use sunscreen with UV and HEVIS protection

How to choose sunscreen

When it’s time to buy sunscreen products Whether it is cream, gel, lotion, or spray In addition to basic features such as UVA and UVB protection, it is suitable for facial skin conditions. Light texture Should be a good sunblock to control it It is important that in this age, you should choose a sunscreen that has the ability to reduce the HEVIS effect too.

That is, in modern times, where research shows that HEVIS has more impact on skin than we thought. Good sunblock must have the following important properties:

  1. Excellent sunscreen, with SPF of 30+ and PA +++
  2. With blue light protection properties ( HEVIS), causing skin aging and problems of freckles, dark spots, dull skin
  3. Suitable for facial skin conditions Especially Asian women with oily skin and are prone to acne-prone like us Must have oil control properties Can be used even on sensitive skin
  4. Light texture, easy to blend, absorbed quickly, not heavy, greasy or leaving stains

Eucerin Sun Dry Touch Acne Oil Control Face SPF 50+ PA +++

For this reason, good sunscreen should have both UV and HEVIS protection. For example , Eucerin Sunscreen Oil SPF 50+ PA +++ ( Eucerin Sun Dry Touch Acne Oil Control Face SPF 50+ PA ++ +). Oil control sunscreen that is suitable for people with oily skin, acne, sensitive, sensitive to the sun, with all 4 important features mentioned

  • Protect your skin from UVA or UVB rays with Broad-Spectrum Oxidant Filter.
  • Effectively reduce the effects of HEVIS because it has HEVIS Light Defense Technology which is a mixture of High Potent Antioxidant that has been tested to be able to destroy free radicals. Therefore helps prevent the occurrence of melasmas, freckles, dark spots and skin aging (Photo-aging)
  • Carnitine substances can control oil for up to 8 hours, thus helping to reduce the chance of acne clogging effectively.
  • The sunscreen texture is Dry touch. The test found that this sunscreen is quite light Easy to blend Absorbed into the skin faster than thought Gives a dry, comfortable feeling Used without feeling heavy, greasy or leaving any stains and does not make the Makeup greasy as well, so it is suitable for general women who have to make up a lot on a regular basis.
  • Tested to not cause acne (Non-acnegenic) suitable for both oily and combination skin, prone to acne
  • Free of perfume, silicone, synthetic colors and parabens That can cause skin irritation easily, can be used even on sensitive skin


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