7 things you should know for new Minecraft players

Although Mincecraft has been on sale since 2009, the popularity of the game has never deteriorated. And tend to increase steadily For newbies wishing to play or have just bought 7 games, here are some basic things you should know.

Differences between all 4 game modes

When opening the game, the first thing to know is the difference of the 4 modes as follows
– Survival. Survival mode. Is the standard mode of the game Players can die and regenerate (but all of them are lost)
– Hardcore. Like all Survival modes, but dead and unable to replay, everything will disappear. It is better to call that the whole world disappear. Need to create a new world. The only place
– Creative Sandbox creative mode that we can fly. Unlimited resources Available for unlimited use Suitable for people who want to create content No need to sit and collect minerals to beware of enemies.
– Adventure Newly added adventure mode. Must use equipment suitable for the area only, such as Ax cut trees, Pick Ax drill stone cannot be used interchangeably.

 Start to meet the world, do not like to create new things at all

A good world to start playing should have trees, wildlife, grass and water, but some players may unfortunately be born in the desert. In the middle of some deserted island If faced with this, do not force to play Start again. Create a whole new world. A lot better. In order to have fun Does not consider cheating in any way.

 Build a safe haven before the first night.

After creating the world Players will start the game on the morning of the day. If the night arrives Strange creatures will come and kill us. If you don’t want to die All you have to do is find a mountain and dig a hole like a cave. Don’t forget to take the soil from the dig to cover the entrance as well.

The technique is to leave some space for the sun to see that Has the morning arrived yet? And built an L-shaped cave to hide from the bow of the archer’s bone as well

4. Start the game to cut the wood first

Wood is a material that we can dig with bare hands. And is a raw material for making important equipment such as the Crafting Table. It is made from 4 pieces of Plank and arranged in a square shape. We have to use this table to create a lot of things, so hurry to cut the wood to build quickly.

 Use the device to match the surface.

When picking up a pick up ax, it can dig up quickly. But if digging the ground or cutting the wood will be slow and time consuming, we should carry the specific equipment with us, such as Shovel for digging the ground, Ax to cut the tree, Sword for monster / hunting etc.

6. Torch light, not to be broken.

Torch is a very necessary illumination device One is that it tells us not to get lost at night, and second, it prevents monsters from occurring in bright areas, so which paths do we often walk on? Or areas that we have dug Don’t forget to ignite the torch, otherwise you will get lost or encounter unexpected monsters.

Do not dig the soil up or down directly.

This lava game is considered a great enemy. This fall is definitely dead. If you dig down a straight line, you won’t be able to risk getting lava up. Including straight up straight Risk of encountering a flooded lava pit as well For safety reasons, should dig at least 1 space next to us to reduce the risk of death and all lost items.

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