Blood Stone

Blood Stone . Opaque dark green chalcedony- shaped stone with distinctive red markings.


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Its green color is due to the presence of chlorite particles or hornblende needles, while red spots are caused by iron oxide. Color may vary and some specimens may have little or no red spots.

It is known as Sanguinaria, blood stone or blood stain, it has different names, in English as Bloodstone and in Greek, as the heliotrope that means sun reflection, perhaps to the elders of the time, the gem reminded them of the sunset of red color reflected in the ocean.

Many believed that the sun turns red when this stone is submerged in water. So they polished the stones to reflect the sun.

It belongs to the Family, Chalcedony – Microcrystalline Quartz , its chemical composition is SiO2 and its crystalline System, Hexagonal. Maintains a hardness of (Mohs Scale): 6.5 – 7


Mythological beliefs

it is believed to be a magic stone of antiquity.

It was believed that when touching the stone, bleeding stopped, therefore, ancient warriors carried blood stone amulets, to stop bleeding when they were wounded.

In the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Babylonians and in the Middle Ages, blood stones engraved in the art of divination were used as a practice to defeat enemies; they employed stone skills by increasing personal strength. They believed that the stone made them invisible to the eyes of the enemy, as a kind of “vision”, for this reason it is also known as the Mother Goddess stone associated with Isis, Horus and the Black Madonna images.

The Christians gave him a special significance. A Christian legend says that when Jesus was crucified, his blood fell into a jasper that was under his feet and that is how this stone originated. The blood stone has been widely used in sculptures depicting flogging and martyrdom and was once known as the stone of the martyr.

There are also other gemological myths associated with the blood stone. On some occasions the term blood jasper can be heard on the gem market. Many apparently honorable sources describe the blood stone as a form of green jasper ; but according to the most qualified sources, the blood stone is not a jasper at all.

Healing properties

  • It is believed to possess great healing powers, which is why these stones were formerly pulverized and mixed with egg whites and honey and were believed to heal tumors and stop bleeding.
  • In medieval times this stone was used to remove venom from poisonous snake bites .
  • It is believed to clear up vague thoughts and dispel perplexity.
  • They are also known as a stone of courage.
  • They improve physical strength, increase self-esteem and self-recognition, and calm anxiety .
  • They promote love for the family and increase the prosperity of the company and in legal matters.
  • It is believed to fight evil and avoid jealousy.
  • Increase spirit and add longevity .
  • It helps the heart and brings good fortune. Every time the stone turns blood red, it is believed to indicate an upcoming danger.
  • It is used as an aphrodisiac and in traditional Indian medicine .
  • Enhance creativity and intuition.
  • It drives away negative ambient energy and is believed to overcome electromagnetic stress.
  • Revitalizes and induces sleep.
  • Minimizes aggressiveness, impatience, and irritability.
  • It offers physical help in the treatment of anemia and blood diseases.
  • Activates the immune system.
  • Relieves menstrual symptoms and menopause .
  • Strengthens the heart , liver , kidneys , intestines, and bone marrow .
  • It minimizes the formation of pus, neutralizes toxins in the body, and invigorates the lymphatic system , leading to the healing of infections and inflammations.


The largest deposit is in India, however it can also be found in Australia , Madagascar , Brazil , China and the United States . A fine specimen of this stone can be very difficult to find, a cause could be medicinal use and as an aphrodisiac given in India.


The blood stone was originally the March stone , but has been replaced by aquamarine . It is still considered the astrological stone of Aries . This stone can be found more commonly in the form of cabochons and beads; although it is also widely used in stamps.


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