Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone . Stone that belongs to the feldspar group and is considered an opalescent variety of orthoclase . Its name refers to the resemblance to the moon, due to its brightness. it presents a superficial iridescence with bluish and golden tones called adularescence. This shine is due to the cross-linking of sheets of albite and orthoclase it contains.


The moonstone owes its name to the almost magical white glow that resembles moonlight. A bluish white light flows onto the stone surface when cabochon cut. Gemologists call this phenomenon adularescence, which originates from the interior structure of the gemstone in scales or sheets.

Incoming light rays are reflected within the stone and scattered, creating a unique play of light that makes the moonstone so special and desired. Moonstone is the best-known potassium feldspar of the orthoclase types. A combination of orthoclase and albite arranged in layers produce the beautiful shine.

Rainbow Moonstone is another magnificent variety of Moonstones that adds multi-color to its mystical brilliance and brilliance. Deposits were found in the late 1980s in India although the reserves are not large. Moonstone is slightly smooth, 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale , and pressure sensitive. Therefore it is more appropriate for beautiful earrings or brooches. In Arab countries, women are said to sew moonstones on their clothing as it is considered a symbol of fertility.

When in contact with the body, it was believed to act, with the different environments. Always betraying the spirit, always absorbing the environment and telling something about it. The Moonstone is also known by the names of Moonstone and ” adularia “. It is one of the most valuable varieties of feldspar, one of the most abundant minerals on Earth . It can present a wide range of colors and all have a bluish or whitish glow called “adularescence” that so captivated the ancestors and still continues to seduce those who admire and own it today.

Healing properties

The rainbow moonstone has the same properties as the adular moonstone, the two represent balance. They are of great help to calm and balance emotions and promote a state of peace and tranquility. Placed on the solar plexus or in the chi center helps to create this balance. The moonstone also represents the cyclical nature of the human being and favors the emotional, mental and physical balance in the processes of inner growth. The Ying part of people, which Taoism defines as the feminine principle, that of intuition, receptivity and creativity from non-action, is considered a spiritual stone and empowers it . It fosters the balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

It is also known to be beneficial for the female-male reproductive cycle, for menstruation- related ailments and for balancing the hormonal system .


He is thought to have a very special faculty. Perhaps it is the only stone capable of capturing people’s moods and energies that permeate a given environment and manifest it by slightly changing nuances. If the energy given off by the person with whom you are in contact is positive, the Moon Stone always shows much more intense blue or violet hues, with more luminosity and liveliness. If the energy given off by the person is negative, the Moonstone loses its intense brightness and luminosity and darkens until it becomes more gray or brown. In this way it detects energy, interior light and luminosity as people.

The greater the bluish or violet glow of the adularia, the greater the positive energy given off by the person with whom it is in contact. The same happens with the environments. The adularia is capable of changing its shades and luminosity depending on the environment in which it is found. The greater the positive energy of the environment, the greater luminosity and color. This is how this peculiar stone announces that something is not working correctly or a harmful environment. In this way it becomes a perfect detector and an avid signal messenger.


It always illuminates in some way with a brightness similar to that of moonlight that can be seen reflected on its surface. That is why it is thought that at night it protects from nightmares.

In [India, where it comes from, it was thought that once every 21 years the Sunand the Moon had a very special bond with each other and this caused the waves to drag these stones towards the shore. It is also considered a sacred stone that grants good luck and was highly appreciated by lovers who claimed that it arouses passion and tenderness. For this reason it is very common for the groom to give the bride a stone of these characteristics on the wedding day. Today it is still a gift highly valued by lovers. In some places it is called “mother earth stone” because it protects against sterility and the difficulties of childbirth, making women fertile and births happy. In the past it was also known as “traveler’s stone” and was used as a protective amulet by all those who had to make an unsafe and dangerous journey.

It is also said that it gives power to read the future if it is placed in the mouth during the full moon and is one of the favorite gems to induce trances. There are those who use it to avoid obesity and it seems to be a widely used amulet against selfishness. Possibly the most extravagant claim ever made of the Moonstone is one that says it makes its bearer famous and invisible. The Stone of the Moon, the one that discovers the spirit, the one that captures adverse and favorable environments through its brightness and luminosity, is a gift that Nature .


Currently it is widely used in jewelry mounted on silver, constituting the main element of pendants, earrings, necklaces, etc. Its beauty makes it a powerful charm that can change moods and prevent negative environments.


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