Pietersita. It can be blue , gray , brown , reddish, gold and yellowish tones . It owes its name to Si Pieters, a mineral dealer who discovered it in Namibia in 1962 .


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  • 1 Mineralogical Characteristics
  • 2 Physical Properties
  • 3 Healing Properties
  • 4 Deposits
  • 5 Sources

Mineralogical Characteristics

Pietersite is a variety of chalcedony that contains fibers embedded in amphibols ( calcium , magnesium and iron metasilicate ) with different degrees of alteration. These fibers are what give it the shine and reflections seen on its surface.

Physical Properties

  • GROUP: Silicates – Tectosilicates
  • COLOR: Very varied
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Hexagonal / trigonal
  • CRYSTAL HABIT: Microcrystalline
  • FRACTURE: Uneven
  • BRIGHTNESS: Cerulean to matte
  • STRIPE: White
  • TRANSPARENCY: From transparent to translucent

Healing Properties

Pietersite is considered a vision stone. It powers the third eye and the pineal gland , stimulating intuition. It favors the meditative state and the spiritual balance. Pietersite strengthens personal will and helps to find and express internal truth, beyond external and internal conditioning. At the curative level it is said to help balance the endocrine system .

The vibration of the Pietersite, as a personal companion stone for a long season, will bring us balance: its vibration balances the auric framework and each of the chakras as if it were a natural coordinator, especially allows, helps, provides a very energetic influence positive so that we feel to have a fluid way more easily when expressing ourselves, both at the level of thoughts and feelings. Which allows us to feel a special well being in terms of vitality and the relationship with ourselves mainly.

Some healers who specialize in crystal therapy claim it improves hearing and ear problems. And, for some specialists in reading Akashic Records it is their favorite mineral. But, I insist that its most widespread characteristic vibration is that of giving us and a general and personal feeling of well-being due to its balancing quality of our emotions: we feel good when we interact with Pietersita: when meditating, when holding it in our hands when we relax , under the sleeping pillow, as a pendant, etc.


Pietersita’s most important deposits are in Namibia and China . It is a mineral that was not commercialized until 1997 , and is rapidly spreading and becoming known for its special color-melting beauty.


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