Genshin Impact Electrocule Echo Stone: How to Get

IN Genshin impactThe Electrocule Echo Stone is a special tool that greatly simplifies the search for the corresponding Spirit Particles in Inazuma. During use, it shows the exact location of the electric boats closest to you . In this guide, we will show you how you can get this gadget and give tips on how to use it.

How to open the Electrocule Echo Stone

First you need to get a drawing of the required tool. To achieve this, you need to reach level 8 reputation in the city of Inazuma. You will be able to start earning reputation points when you reach Adventure Rank 25. Talk to Madarame Hyakubei for the information you need. Its exact location can be seen in the images below.

In a separate guide , by the way, we talked in detail about the reputation system in Inazuma. After receiving the necessary instructions, you have to use alchemy in order to craft it.

How to create the Electrocule Echo Stone

Before taking on the creation of this tool, you will need to collect a certain amount of required materials, namely:

  • Naku grassx5
  • Sakura Blossomх5
  • Piece of Amethyst х1

The first two materials are local wonders of Inazuma, the location of which we have indicated in separate manuals. If we talk about pieces of amethyst, then this is a special ore that can only be found in the archipelago. Large deposits are located on Narukami Island in the locations of Araumi, Kamisato Estate and the Great Temple. We also advise you to take a look at the interactive map of the region .

How to use the Electrocule Echo Stone

After creating the necessary gizmos, open your inventory, go to the “Tools” section and equip an echo stone on the character.

Now head to the area where you have not yet collected electrocules or still cannot find them, and then press the “Z” key to use the gadget. A huge glowing area will appear on the map. Head towards her. When you enter it, the approximate location of the electrocule will appear on the minimap as a white arrow.

Move to the point to which the arrow points. After that, an asterisk will appear, and the glowing area will disappear. This icon indicates the exact coordinates of the fragment you need. If the stone fails to find electrocules in the nearest areas, then its charge will not be used up. Otherwise, it will be spent, so you will have to make another pebble.

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