best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Warzone

After reviewing the best assault rifles of Call of Duty Warzone let’s review the best sniper rifles . If what you are looking for is a weapon with which to attack from afar and avoid direct conflicts, here are the two best options.

Choosing the best CoD Warzone sniper is relatively easy due to the small number of options that are presented to us. Dragunov, HDR, and AX-50 are the only rifles of this style to hang onto, but they are different enough to generate debate.


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Warzone’s Best Snipers: HDR vs. AX-50

In our case the best option is very clear, the lethality and precision of the HDR is simply magic, but here instead of potions and spells you get headshots at the first shot.

The HDR Pro barrel reduces bullet drop dramatically, allowing shots to hit exactly where you’re aiming or very slight drop off if you’re many meters away. In essence, it is what you are looking for in one of these rifles, aim and kill before being discovered, so it seems to us the most successful option for experts.

Across the room, and completely discarding the Dragunov , we have the AX-50 sniper , with a base damage identical to that of the HDR but that can improve that aspect a little more with accessories.

Its great asset is in its fast reload and cadence, which guarantees an average of 40 shots per minute compared to 30 in HDR. However, if you’re looking for more chances to hit the first shot, you’ve lost a bit of the essence of what it means to have a sniper rifle in your hands.

Learning to use the best sniper rifles in Warzone

Here is a series of videos that will help you to get to know both rifles better and learn how to use them . Becoming the best sniper in the game will not be an easy task, but it is one of the most satisfying styles in Warzone .


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