Pokémon Sword and Shield: how to get shiny Zeraora for free

This same month The Pokémon Company aired a program called Pokémon Presents that left us with a few announcements of the franchise, including a Pokémon Sword and Shield challenge that challenged players around the world to participate in Raids to face and defeat Zeraora .

The Electric-type singular Pokémon is one of the rarest around and cannot be obtained by normal methods, not even in these Raids that have been carried out. However, the company promised that if Zeraora was eliminated by a million trainers, anyone would be able to get theirs for free and on top of that with its shiny version , so we are going to explain how to get yours.


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How to get free shiny Zeraora

Starting today, anyone who has a copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield can get Zeraora, but for this you will need to have the Pokémon Home application installed on your Nintendo Switch. If this is your case, all you have to do is transfer any Pokémon from these editions to Pokémon Home or vice versa .

It is necessary to have done it at least once from June 17 until the early morning of July 7 at 01:59 a.m. in Spain , since at that time the promotion will end and you will not be able to claim Zeraora. In turn, it is necessary to have linked the version for Nintendo Switch and the mobile version of Pokémon Home to the same Nintendo account.

This last step is because the next thing you should do is go to your mobile and open the Pokémon Home application. From there you will have to go to the Mysterious Gift menu and click on the Gift Box . If everything went well, a new message should appear with the title ” Victory against Zeraora! ” And the possibility of receiving your Zeraora in Pokémon Home. Finally, it would only be enough to send it to Pokémon Sword and Shield to train it there.

In addition, in the event that you have the Expansion Pass and have played the Island of Armor , the application will detect it and will also give you a code to receive eight Duralium fragments and use them in your adventures for this new DLC.


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