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That Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world is something that is clear to us. However, the social platform that has been owned by Facebook for years has changed a lot and not only because of the functions it offers, but also because of the way its own users use it.

And it is that the platform, which was born as a place where you simply shared photos of yourself or your day-to-day life, has now become a benchmark in trends, so content is shared in many formats . One of these formats is images with text , something that opens a whole range of options: memes, jokes, advice or phrases of all kinds.

In the latter we are going to emphasize this article, as we have searched the social network in search of the best profiles dedicated to sharing phrases of all kinds , from motivational to reflective, going through poems and even reaching famous quotes from such philosophical movements. fashionable today as stoicism.

The best Instagram phrase accounts

The blonde neighbor

We could not start this list with the best phrase accounts in a better way than by mentioning the popular La Vecina Rubia account (accumulated almost two and a half million followers) is an account that has achieved so much success that it even has its own merchandising in a well-known brand of women’s clothing. This account shares a lot of phrases related to the everyday life of ordinary mortals and reflections that are always bathed in a touch of irony, but without touching sarcasm. Certainly an account for anyone who wants to find a hilarious phrase, laugh a little or reflect.

Visit here the profile of The blonde neighbor on Instagram.


Another of the most popular phrase accounts on Instagram is this one that has 1.7 million followers. The most interesting of this profile are not only his phrases, full of tenderness, motivation and feelings, but also his illustrations that have a marked personality, full of colors and with very simple lines.

Visit here the profile of 72kilos on Instagram.


With almost 3 million followers, the Escritodefrases account has a very varied profile. From famous quotes from artists, philosophers or thinkers to popular, motivating phrases and also some that allude to social conscience.

Visit here the profile of Escribdefrases on Instagram


This profile is a bit more “sugary”. And is that the phrases they publish are almost all indirect loaded with sarcasm and a bit of bad milk in some cases. So now you know, if you are looking for a phrase to send to that person who has done something wrong to you and you want them to find out in a subtle way, this account is full of them.

Visit here the profile of Wikifrases on Instagram.

Inspirational quotes official

If what you are looking for are phrases full of inspiration, motivation and full of positivity, this profile is undoubtedly perfect for you. Each day upload a phrase embedded in a colorful illustration that alludes to good vibes; Let’s just say it’s a little Mr. Wonderful, but no sugar overdose.

Visit the official inspirational phrases profile on Instagram here.

Alfonso Casas

Alfonso Casas is an illustrator from Zaragoza who, although he has been dedicated to illustration and design for many years, embraced success relatively recently thanks to his popularity on Instagram. In addition to its characteristic illustrations, many of them in black and white (especially in its early days), its publications are full of messages that, in most cases, focus on heartbreak and romantic breakups as the central theme.

Visit here the profile of Alfonso Casas on Instagram.


Another tremendously popular account (almost two and a half million followers) is this one that regularly shares famous phrases and quotes, book pages and also reflections. It may not have such a careful design and aesthetics as defined as those we have seen so far, but the great variety of its content is what makes it more interesting.

Visit here the Librodereflexion profile on Instagram.


Book lovers will be very happy with this account, since practically all the content they publish is photos of books with phrases and quotes. Although the theme is not defined in a concrete way as in other cases, it is a good place to soak up wisdom and find content quickly that makes you stop and think for a while.

Visit here the profile of cementeriodelibros on Instagram.


This profile is a fan account dedicated to Victor Küppers, a well-known Dutch coach and university professor, known for his talks in which he exposes in a practical and fun way the fundamental keys to personal development and life to the full. How can it be otherwise, what you will find in this account is a selection of his best phrases related to motivation, improvement, entrepreneurship or resilience among many other things.

Visit the phraseskuppers profile on Instagram here.


Stoicism, the philosophical school founded by Zenón de Citio in the 4th century BC. C. has gained tremendous importance in recent years. Many are those who are embracing this way of seeing life to which podcasts, current books, YouTube channels and of course, Instagram accounts are dedicated. And the Estoicosesp account is dedicated to that, to share daily phrases and reflections with its followers based on this philosophy whose premise is to teach people to be able to control their feelings or emotions and stand firm in the face of any adversity.

Visit stoicosep’s profile on Instagram here.


Finally, we have another account similar to Librodereflexión in which its strong point is not to focus on a specific type of content but to launch phrases of all kinds every day, for all audiences and for any moment in life.

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