How to view private accounts on instagram

Find out today  How to view private accounts on Instagram,  in our complete guide.

Instagram is a platform used for public sharing. We can understand people well by visiting their Instagram profiles easily through Instagram clicks. 

Also, considering someone who wants to maintain privacy, Instagram gives users the right to privacy. Only people who are your followers or approved by them can see your photos and videos.

How to view private accounts on instagram

But for some Instagram users, who want to view a private Instagram account for different purposes, such as getting to know someone well, reviewing Instagram accounts, or collecting material, they want to know how to view private accounts on Instagram.   and view the photos, stories and videos, it is better if they can download private stories from Instagram.

Google your username

Googling your username is a common way. to view private profiles of Instagram 2021 . First, you need to add your specific Instagram usernames to the Google search bar and then click on the search icon and the results will appear on Google. 

For better navigation, you can click ‘Image’, a lot of photos will appear about your target Instagram, unfortunately or fortunately you can find information about their private Instagram profiles, photos that they posted before.

Submit a follow-up request

To get more followers, some private Instagram accounts have established that if someone wants to see their private Instagram accounts, those users must submit a request and be their followers. 

You may notice that there is a ‘Request’ button when you find the private Instagram account. This means that you need to send them a request so that they can view your private Instagram profiles, videos, photos and stories once they accept your request. 

There are two occasions, the happy one is that they accept your application instantly and you can see their account, the other is that they do not accept it instantly, maybe you need a little patience and wait a bit, or they have rejected it. Your request.

Securely view private Instagram accounts [Online application and tools]

The common ways mentioned in the last part are suitable for people who just want to get rough information from someone’s private Instagram account.

You can choose one of them to view private Instagram in depth.

# 1. IGlookup

IGlookup is a private Instagram profile viewer, which is an online tool and more convenient than viewing private Instagram application. It helps to see a private Instagram account. 

It is safe, free and legitimate. If you are interested in some photos or videos from an Instagram account, but don’t want them to know who has viewed Instagram, you can  view Instagram stories anonymously  with IGlookup. 

An impressive feature of IGlookup is that it only takes 3 steps to visit private profiles, photos or videos easily, and you can use the profile name to view their photos, videos and stories, even see what they like or comment on.

How does it work step by step with IGlookup?

Step 1.  Visit IGlookup official website, click ‘Spy Now’ button.

Step 2.  Enter the username of your private Instagram account.

Step 3.  View Instagram without an account , including profiles, photos, and videos.

# 2.

igmods is a private single view Instagram app that is also available on iOS and Android devices, it has a PC version, you can choose one of them that you like. is an easy way to see private Instagram in 2021.

A notable feature of igmods is that you can not only view private Instagram accounts, but you can also download private Instagram photos and videos, which is more convenient for collecting materials and creating your own videos or photos to attract  Instagram followers for free .

How does it work step by step with

Step 1.  Visit to view the private Instagram site.

Step 2.  Click on the ‘Show private account’ button.

Step 3.  Enter your target Instagram username. Click on ‘Connect’.

Step 4.  You will be notified that the private data has been unlocked, then open your Instagram and enter your username.

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