How to see linked Instagram accounts

A while ago, a friend of yours helped you create a second Instagram profile . To tell the truth, you have always used this secondary account together with your friend, who is much more knowledgeable than you in the field of social networks and smartphone applications (alone, in fact, you can only access your “main” profile “).

Now, though, you’re a little sick of always having to ask him for help, and you’d intend to start doing things yourself. Here, then, that you would like to start by trying to understand how to view the list of accounts stored for automatic login on the Instagram app . How do you say? Did I just describe your situation perfectly? Very good! So, if that’s okay with you, I can explain how to see linked Instagram accounts .

You will see that, after reading this tutorial, carrying out this operation will be totally natural and immediate. Secondly, in case you have associated an Instagram profile with Facebook, I will also show you some simple procedures to check the accounts linked to it. Enjoy the reading!


  • How to see linked accounts on Instagram
    • From smartphones and tablets
    • From computer
  • How to see Instagram accounts connected to Facebook
    • From smartphones and tablets
    • From computer

How to see linked accounts on Instagram

Once you have created secondary Instagram accounts and stored them in the app of the famous social network available for Android (also on alternative stores ), iPhone and Windows , and maybe even on the Instagram site , to view them you will only need to do a few tap, or a few clicks. Where you find everything explained below.

From smartphones and tablets

If you want to know how to see connected Instagram accounts from a smartphone or tablet, this is the chapter of the guide for you. The instructions I’m about to give you are valid for both Android and iPhone devices .

First, start the Instagram app and, once you have accessed the home screen of the application, perform a long tap on your profile photo that you see in the lower right corner: that’s all!

In the panel at the bottom of the screen you can in fact view all the Instagram accounts stored on your device and for which it is not necessary to type in the credentials in case of login.

You didn’t think it would be that easy, am I right? If you want to switch from the account you are currently using to a different one, just click on the name of one of the profiles you see listed in the list in front of you.

If, therefore, you are interested in knowing how to see how many accounts are connected on Instagram, all you have to do is carry out the steps described above. As an alternative to this procedure, to view the accounts and switch between them, you can also press on your profile photo at the bottom right and go to > Settings> Add or change account .

Do you want one of your accounts accounts to no longer appear in this list? No problem: press again on your profile picture and then go to > Settings> Sign out of [account name] (or Sign out [account name])> Sign out . If, at a later time, you want to include the removed profile again in the list of connected ones, just follow the instructions in my tutorial on how to add an account on Instagram .

From computer

Viewing the list of accounts connected to Instagram on a computer is certainly no more complex than what we have just seen in the case of smartphones and tablets. In this case, you can use the official website of the social network or the Windows application . Clearly, for everything to work, you will need to have previously memorized the access data of the accounts you intend to view.

To proceed, then, access Instagram from the web or application and click on your profile photo located at the top right; then, in the menu that is shown to you, click on Change account .

Done! What you see now is the list of all the Instagram accounts connected to yours and for which you do not have to enter the login data to log in. In fact, if you want to connect to one of them, just click on the name of the account you want to access and that’s it. Easier than that ?!

How to see Instagram accounts connected to Facebook

How do you say? You are not interested in seeing which Instagram accounts are linked to those you usually use, but which account registered on this social network is associated with your Facebook profile (you can only connect one at a time)?

In this case, you will have to use the Account Management Center , a useful feature of the Instagram and Facebook apps that allows you to manage and link the accounts of the two social networks together (in this way, for example, with a single operation you can simultaneously publish content on both platforms in question). Read on for all the instructions on this.

From smartphones and tablets

To access the Management Center account from your smartphone or tablet, launch the ‘ app of Facebook on your device Android (the app is also available on devices without access to Google services ) or iPhone / iPad ), and scroll icon awards ☰ the menu that is proposed to you down, until you find the words Settings and privacy .

So tap on the latter and press on the Settings item . Then scroll down the page that is shown to you and, finally, press on the Account Management Center item . At this point, to view the Instagram profile connected to your Facebook account, press on the box with the names of the accounts you see at the top.

The game is done: on the next screen you will be shown the name of your Facebook account and that of the Instagram profile associated with it. It didn’t take long, didn’t it?

If you want to synchronize profile photo and name used on Instagram and Facebook , press on the box relating to the Instagram profile and, subsequently, move the lever located in correspondence with the words Synchronize profile information to ON .

Finally, if you want to disconnect the two profiles (in this way the automatic and simultaneous sharing of stories and posts on the two social networks and the access to the Instagram account via Facebook will also be disabled ), press on the item Remove from the account management center , do tap on the Continue button and confirm by pressing the Remove [account name] button .

If you change your mind, you can link the two accounts again at any time as I explained to you in this tutorial . In conclusion, I point out that the same menu of the Account Management Center is present in the Instagram application. To access it, all you have to do is access it, press on your profile photo and go to > Settings> Account Management Center .

From computer

The account management functionality I told you about in the previous chapter has not yet been implemented either on the Facebook site or in its Windows application (at least at the time of writing), while it is available on the Instagram site and Windows application .

To access it, once you have the home page of the Instagram site or application in front of you, press on your profile photo located at the top right and, from the menu that opens, select the Settings item .

Once this is done, click on the Account Management Center wording (you can find it at the bottom of the page). By clicking on the box at the top, containing the names of your connected Instagram and Facebook profiles , you can view the details of the latter and possibly disconnect them in a similar way to what I showed you a little while ago .

Wait, are you telling me that you need more help to “separate” your Instagram account from the one registered on Facebook? If that’s the case, then I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to disconnect Facebook from Instagram .

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