best fruits to deflate the gut in summer

There are many reasons why you can feel bloated for no apparent reason: fluid retention, gas… Swelling usually occurs in the abdomen, although you can also notice it in other areas of the body, such as the feet or ankles. Luckily, there are some fruits with which you can deflate the belly in summer .

Do you suffer from stress? If so, this could be the cause because symptoms of bloating are often aggravated when stress levels are high. As nutritionists explain, it damages the quality of the microbiota, and therefore, produces intestinal inflammation.

It is important not to confuse deflating with detoxification , a term that has become fashionable in recent years. If what happens to you is that you feel more bloated because you have gas or fluid retention, these are the fruits that will help you the most.


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Pineapple is one of the most widely consumed and well-known fruits in the world, and spring and summer are the best time of year to enjoy it. We recommend it if you have abdominal bloating because its bromelain helps the breakdown of proteins present in foods such as eggs, meat or fish, thus improving their digestion. The ideal is to take fresh pineapple, as a fruit.


Figs are a fruit that stimulate intestinal transit. Do not forget that heavy digestions and constipation are one of the main causes of bloating in the abdomen. In addition, they provide ficin, which prevents gas and improves digestion.


One of the fruits that helps deflate the gut is kiwi because of its high fiber content, which regulates intestinal transit and prevents constipation. It is also a rich source of actidin, an enzyme that accelerates the digestion of proteins .


Papaya is a perfect tropical fruit to drink in summer. It contains papain, which is similar to that found in gastric juices, and which has very beneficial digestive properties .

All these fruits, in addition to helping you deflate the belly in summer , are very fresh and have multiple health benefits. Remember the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet and exercising.

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